After completing my undergraduate studies at Portland State University, I coordinated and taught in a study abroad program for US university students in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Our approach to education was to teach our students the skills needed to design and run their own semester-long program. They learned how to collect qualitative data, design educational goals as a group, mediate conflicts as a group and how to give constructive criticism that supported their peers’ growth. As their capacity as a cohesive student group grew so did their ownership and responsibilities in running the program. This culminated in a three-day evaluation of the program and the creation of recommendations for the curriculum to be used for the next semester’s program. Seeing the power of transformation and learning that students experienced made me appreciate the democratic nature of education and how it can be fluid and adapted to meet the specific needs of the communities it serves. 


For the following two years I worked with a group of Thai and foreign teachers who were attempting to apply some of these academic structures and methodologies to their public school classrooms. Thai public education is notorious for extreme standardization and teacher-centered instruction. Our approach to education reform started with our classrooms and creating a teacher led professional development group, which networked and collaborated with other teachers inside and outside of Thailand.  


In order to further my capacity to work in Southeast Asia I hope to learn how educational models can be imported in a manner that takes into account how culture affects learning.  I am specifically interested in inclusive models of education for students with learning disabilities.  


I look forward to building upon my experience at CIE and soaking in the wide-range of knowledge that everyone brings!


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