Nigel Brissett

After graduating from CIE, I have been working in the department of International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE) at Clark University as a fulltime faculty (first as visiting and then as Assistant Professor) since September 2012. I teach courses across a broad spectrum of international development, including education-specific classes, but also courses on development theory and management, the global development goals (MDGs and SDGs), and courses at the intersection of education and youth development.


I continue to conduct research on education policy reform in the post-colonial Caribbean in the context of larger global education and development forces. My work focuses on current educational structures and policies in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), but also traces their links to neoliberal globalization’s education and development discourses, as well as to the region’s turbulent colonial past. My publications have appeared in journals such as Journal of Education Policy, Progress in Development Studies and Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, among others.


I often see CIE friends, including faculty, staff and former students, in and around the Amherst area where I still live with my family. I occasionally drop in at CIE in its new and nicely renovated home in Montague House. Much has changed with CIE but keeping in contact with old friends, virtually and in person, reminds me of some good times.[3-20]





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