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This second newsletter chronicles the slow but steady progress we are making on creating an endowment fund for CIE.  As of the first of June the endowment contains a total of $75,000 toward our goal of $250,000. Equally important, this represents contributions by almost 100 members of the CIE community with the number continuing to grow each week.

What is our plan? We want to use our success in the endowment fund drive among CIE members and friends to approach larger potential donors as we look toward creating at least one endowed faculty chair at CIE.

Why should you give now? Contributions we receive before the end of June will increase our income from the endowment because of the fiscal year.  Equally important, your gift helps CIE at a time when UMass is facing a serious financial crisis caused by the economic downturn in Massachusetts. CIE has been hit hard by the cuts and now more than ever we need your help! Let us hear from you if you haven't contributed already. If you have, then please consider another donation for this year. For updated fund drive information please go to:


~News Flash!! May 18, 2002 ~

This is a date that will go down in history not because we had 2 inches of snow in the Valley but because 150 folks came together to wish Bob Miltz and Sally Habana-Hafner well in their retirement! Bob knew we were up to something ("What, the CIE Picnic on a Saturday?") but Sally, assuming it was all for Bob was surprised, confessing , "I would not have come in jeans!" Sally isn't really "retiring." She found a creative way to get the State to pay her salary for the first time in her 21 years of service to the University!  She will be back in the fall to teach Ed 229, to advise students and help us in our perpetual pursuit of funding. 
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