The Center for International Education hosts and participates in a variety of events throughout the year. 


You can learn more about all that goes on both 'On Campus' and 'Off Campus' by clicking on the links in the navigation panel on the right below.


The CIE community has weekly meetings called 'Tuesday Dialogues' which provide a good opportunity for students to catch up with their classmates, get center updates and also listen to some good talks by speakers from both inside and outside the center. Click on the tag on the right panel to find out more about these dialogues.


Students and Faculty members participate in conferences and workshops throughout the year. Find out more by clicking on 'Conferences and Workshops'.


Learn more about who 'Graduated' each year, our annual 'Fall Retreats' for students and faculty, 'Meet Ups' of center members around the world and much more by clicking on the tags that interest you!



Networking 101 with Salma Khan

Salma Khan, a current doctoral student gave some useful tips on networking at conferences and workshops.

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Ubuntu – How the West can learn from Africa

Professor Mzamo Mangaliso from the UMass Amherst Isenberg School of Management offered a stimulating and fascinating presentation on the African concept of Ubuntu at a CIE community meeting.

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New UMass Provost at CIE Tuesday Dialogue

Provost Katherine Newman spoke to the CIE community and engaged CIE members in a discussion about issues arising from their interests and their research.  Provost Newman brings many years of academic experience as well as both a Provost Katherine Newmanstrong interest in international education and considerable experience overseas.

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Ambassador Cynthia Shepard Perry Returns to CIE

In November, UMass Amherst hosted the third annual Salute to Service Awards at the Boston Harbor Hotel and recognized three outstanding individuals for their contributions to civic engagement and public service. CIE's Cynthia Shepard Perry (Ed.D. 1972) was one of the three who were honored.


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International Students Confront US Conceptions of Race and Racial Identity

Dr. Chrystal George Mwangi, a new UMass faculty member in the Higher Education program in our department, spokChrystal Georg Mwangie to a recent Tuesday Dialogue about her research with African and Caribbean students studying in the U.S.

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CIE's 47th Annual Fall Retreat - Angels Rest

CIE held its annual retreat at Angels Rest once again. The theme of this year’s retreat was Mindfulness as it applied to the academic program, work, and family contexts.  Exercises and discussion focused on the meaning of mindfulness and the ways its meaning could vary in different cultural settings.

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Degrees earned during the 2013-2014 Academic Year

Graduation time is here once again. During 2013-2014 academic year five CIE members successfully completed their Doctorates and six completed their Master's degrees. Titles of Doctoral Dissertations and  titles of Master's degree capstone projects or theses are shown here along with pictures from graduation.

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Where Are We Going?


CIE Students Attend Harvard’s 20th Annual International Development Conference
in Search of More Questions and Uncharted Paths


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DRE Named the 2014 Honorary Fellow of CIES!

David R. Evans was named the 2014 Honorary Fellow of the Comparative & International Education Society at the awards session during annual CIES conference in Toronto in March.  This award honors the lifetime achievement and contribution to the field of Comparative and International Education of the Fellow.

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CIE @ CIES 2014 in Toronto

Once again CIE sent a large delegation to the national conference of the Comparative and International Education Society, held this year in Toronto.Over 45 graduates, faculty members and current students attended the conference and well over 30 were on the program.


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