Social Science Research beyond the Academy

Three CIE students participated in the forum “Social Science Research Beyond the Academy” on campus in April.  Karla Sarr (a February 2015 graduate), Hye Seung Cho (just passed her comps), and Salma Khan (a May 2015 graduate) joined 22 other doctoral students from across the University at a conference and research exposition that featured opportunities to apply social science research in non-academic contexts.  Sponsored by the Institute for Social Science Research, the Graduate School, and the Isenberg School of Management, the forum was a wonderful opportunity for these 25 students to connect with alumni and other representatives from industry, non-profit, and government organizations. The event provided an opportunity for graduate students (and faculty) to network with researchers and other partners who are interested in social science outside of the academy.  Panel discussions explored a variety of ways that research skills could be applied in non-academic settings and lead to careers outside of university settings.



Hye Seung, Karla, and Salma each developed informative and aesthetically pleasing posters to showcase their current research.  During the poster viewing, panelists and other attendees viewed all 25 posters and discussed student research.  Current CIE students Mei Lan Frame, Sumera Ahsan, and Hassan Aslami also attended the event.