Networking 101 with Salma Khan

Salma Khan, a current doctoral candidate in International Education, introduced students (and faculty) at CIE's weekly meeting to the basic skills of networking at a professional conference.  Coming just a week before the national conference of CIES, the advice couldn't have been more timely.   Salma Khan using a very effective combination of humor, clever visuals and a very dynamic style, she walked the audience through the basics of making contacts at a professional conference. 


She demonstrated strategies for various settings like meeting someone on the metro on the way to the conference, making contact at a reception, and perfecting a 60 second elevator pitch. Core elements included first being clear who the person you are talking to is and then selecting what you talk about based on who they are – Education or Employment or Skills for example.  When at a reception avoid the people you work with and know well; instead approach those you don’t know.  Don’t wait for a person to ask who you are, introduce yourself.  Develop your elevator pitch by focusing on a message that is relevant, focused and shows your passion for what you do.


She offered tips on managing your social media profile – stay away from Facebook and Twitter – use LinkedIn for your professional profile and communication.  Other topics included managing your business cards – have them handy rather than spending a long minutes fishing for them in your purse or briefcase.  And finally, she offered some tips on following up after an initial contact.