Joe Berger conducts higher education leadership workshop in Somaliland

CIE director Joseph Berger, along with Mohamed Good (Ed.D. 1999) - adjunct professor at Springfield College, and Hanni Thoma - graduate research assistant in Higher Education, recently travelled to Somaliland for 7 days to conduct a needs assessment and meet with university representatives from higher education institutions in Somaliland, Puntland, South-Central Somalia, and Ethiopia.


During the visit, the group held a two-day strategic leadership workshop for chancellors and other institutional leaders from 11 institutions. This event was co-hosted by Amoud University in Borama, Somaliland, and the Amoud Foundation, which promotes sustainable humanitarian projects throughout Somalia.


CIE is exploring possible ways to partner with colleagues in Somali universities to work on improving the quality of higher education. Dr. Berger is the chair of the Global Higher Education and Research (GHEAR) initiative for the World Universities Network which UMass Amherst has recently joined. [11/16]