CIE Gathering March 10, 2015 in Washington D.C.



CIE hosted a gathering of CIE members and friends, including some of the many CIE graduates who live in the Washington, DC area.  Represented in the almost 70 people who attended were graduates from all five decades of CIE’s history.  The earliest graduates attending were Steve Grant and Ash Hartwell both of whom graduated in 1972, (others from the 19790s included John Hatch and Beverly Lindsay), while the most recent graduate was Karla Sarr who graduated in 2015. 


The 1980s were represented by Steve Anzalone, Chuck Harnes, Bérengère de Negri and Margaret Mclaughlin.  Graduates from the 1990s included Jane Benbow, Mark Lynd, Flavia Ramos, and Cristine Smith.  Members from the 2000s cohort included Anita Anastacio, Dwaine Lee, Stephanie Pirroni and Svetlana Pivovar.  The 2010s cohort included Stephen Richardson, Donna Lopp and Valerie Kurka.  The graduates were joined by all the CIE faculty and more than twenty current students.

CIE folks were welcomed by Patrick Fine a CIE graduate from the 1980s, who is now the CEO of FHI360 which had graciously allowed us to use the room for the gathering. DRE then spoke briefly to share a few points about the status of CIE as it completes its 47th year.  Highlights included an announcement by Ash Hartwell of a new contract for work with the Education and Conflict and Crisis Network; an update by Bjorn Nordtveit on the editorship of the Comparative Education Review which now at CIE and is managed by a team of three faculty members which includes Cris Smith and Jacqi Mosselson, and three students; an announcement that the College of Education will be moving out of Hills House into a renovated Furcolo and Marks Meadow – as part of which CIE would be moving into a renovated Montague House; and a reminder to mark your calendars because CIE’s 50th anniversary is coming up in 2018. 


Almost to the day, 14 years ago, a similar CIE gathering took place in the same room to kick off the fund drive to establish a CIE Endowment Fund to help support CIE. As part of the gathering in 2015, CIE was able to announce that thanks to the generosity of CIE members and friends the Endowment Fund has reached a level of $500,000 which means that the annual income is enough to provide a research assistantship for an academic year for an international student from the global South.  In the years since the fund was created, the income from the fund has helped support nine different international students. Their profiles can be found here.  The fund will continue to solicit donations in order to meet the growing cost of assistantships. 



Old friends reconnected and many cross-generational acquaintances were made during the event.  All are looking forward to the 50th anniversary celebration of CIE which is coming in three years. [Pictures by Hassan Aslami & Hafez Abuadwan]