CIE @ CIES 2016 in Vancouver

Once again CIE was well represented at the annual CIES conference – this time in Vancouver, Canada.  CIE sent a group of 22 students and faculty from campus to the meeting where they were joined by another dozen graduates from the program.



CIE organized an informal gathering of CIE members and friends at a nearby pub for snacks, drinks and a chance to connect across generations.  Current students interacted with graduates from the 1970s onward who including Beverley Lindsey, Mark Lynd, Jeanne Moulton, Dawn Gordon, Flavia Ramos, along with others from the 2000s.


Students and faculty were well represented on the program in a variety of ways.


The panel organized by the editors of the Comparative Education Review featured presentations by three current students – Mei Lan Frame, Stephanie Pirroni, and Nolizwe Mhlaba. Supporting them were two faculty members who are co-editors of the Journal – Dr. Cristine Smith and Dr. Jacqi Mosselson. The panel summarized the recent history of submissions, the review process and the challenge of including non-print media in the review section of the journal.


Current students made paper presentations and participated in poster sessions.  Posters were offered by Lusayo Mwenifumbo; Surl Hee Kim and Hafez Abuadwan.   Pictured is Lusayo’s poster on China’s ICT Engagement with Malawi.


Paper presentations by current students included:


  • Financing Higher Education in Afghanistan by Hassan Aslami

  • Education in Emergencies and the Wellbeing of Children and Youth presented by Nyaradzai Changamire, co-authored with Dr. Jacqi Mosselson.

  • Exploring Global Citizenship Education in South Korea by Hye Seung Cho.

  • Evidence-based Theories of Change by Jenn Flemming.

  • Teaching the Tai Noi Mother Tongue in Northeast Thailand by Lukas Winfield.

  • School Related Gender-Based Violence in Nyarugusu Refugee camp in Tanzania – by Adane Miheretu and Kayla Boisvert.


Recent graduates on the program included: Mindy Eichhorn, Paul Frisoli, Salma Khan, Stephen Richardson, Karla Sarr, and Rebecca Stone.


CIE is looking forward to being an active participant at CIES in Atlanta in 2017.