CIE @ CIES 2015 Washington, D.C.


CIE was represented by a large group at the CIES national conference in Washington, DC. More than 30 students and faculty from the UMass Amherst campus attended - the great majority of whom were on the program.  In addition, about a dozen CIE/IE graduates were also on the program. Center members were represented in a wide range of roles, organizing and chairing panels, presenting papers or posters, participating in round tables, offering workshops, or being discussants on panels. Presentations by current students reflect the interests and experience that is part of the CIE learning community on campus.  A current student, Salma Nazar Khan, was selected to receive a Majority World Context Award:


Some examples of panel presentations by current CIE students include:


Mei Lan Frame - Freedom from the known: Reflections on “naming” the educational approach of Jiddu Krishnamurti


Sumera Ahsan - Possibilities of mobile messaging services for parents and teachers to improve early grade reading in Bangladesh


Natia Mzhavanadze - Networks: A Temporary Cure to Enduring Problems of Education Policy and Governance in Georgia


Muhammed Naeem Khawaja - “Being legal is being ethical.” How school principals view and respond to value conflicts in public schools of Azad Kashmir


Maguette DiameGirls enrolling, persisting, and reading in the Democratic Republic of Congo 


Promise Mchenga - Challenges in Data Collection in Emergency Settings: Vas-Y-Fille! and Dzaleka Refugee Camp cases



Other students offered poster sessions


Christina ChenChristina Chen - Building Community through Digital Storytelling with Refugee Youth in the U.S.

Hye Seung Cho -Education for global citizenship and competence: Comparing policies, practices and outcomes

Julia Novrita - Barriers to education in conflict, post-conflict and developing nation contexts



Some of the CIE Faculty presentations were


Bjorn Nordtveit - Decisions Taken in Undecidable Terrain: Discourses and Perpetuation of the Educational Myth in Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo


Cristine Smith - Teacher effectiveness – a review of the literature for early grade reading teachers in challenging contexts


Jacqi Mosselson - Humanistic, conflict-sensitive and rights-based approaches to education in conflict-affected settings: Preliminary findings from research in Sub-Saharan Africa



CIE Faculty and students organized or chaired several panels:


Gretchen Rossman with Stephanie Pirroni, Evangeline Ambat and Nyaradzai Changamire:   The Ubuntu Panel Applicability of the Notion of Ubuntu to Transformative Non-Formal Education Programs-Case Studies from Colombia, India and Zimbabwe


Joseph Berger, David R. Evans, Hassan Aslami and Razia Karim: Toward Quality Higher Education in Afghanistan: Lessons learned from a decade of support to individuals, institutions, and systems


Ash Hartwell - Reaching Millions Out-of-School Children & Youth in Conflict-Affected Countries: The Promise and Challenges of Alternative Education



In addition many off-campus CIE members and graduates were on the program including Anita Anastacio, Jane Benbow, Nigel Brissett, Joanie Cohen-Mitchell, John Comings, Mindy Eichhorn, Paul Frisoli, Mark Lynd, Nina Papadopolous, Renuka Pillay, Flavia Ramos, Stephen Richardson, Karla Sarr,  and Wendy Wheaton