Honoring CIE Members who have passed on


One of the inevitable consequences of CIE's long history is the increasing frequency with which members pass on. Some losses have sparked wide-spread reactions from the CIE network and we want to have a place where their lives can be honored and remembered through the eyes of those who knew them. Click on the names below for obituaries and comments where we have them - downloads a pdf file.


If you have a remembrance or a photo that you would like to add to someone's statement please send them to cie@educ.umass.edu


Note: There are likely others who have passed on that we don't know about.  If you have information about other losses, please send it to us (cie@educ.umass.edu)  so we may share with the network.


Recent Loss

Lois Martin (1990-1992)
passed away in Tucson, Arizona on December 28, 2020 at the age of 86.

Obituary and comments are here (downloads a pdf)



Links to Obituaries and Comments

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Norman Hiza 1999

Elsie Juanita Walters 1996

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June "Cookie" Bourbeau 1991

Pepep Martadijaya - 1990