Halona Agouda

International education is a second career for me. I started out some years ago in a freelance career in video production at CBS News and a host of other independent documentary film companies in New York City. I loved the craft of making documentaries as I saw it as an opportunity to make people aware about issues of social injustice in the U.S. and across the globe. However, I quickly grew weary of compromising quality stories for the commercial market and I was in search of an international adventure. I joined the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa for two years to do agricultural education, promotion of girls’ education, and HIV/AIDS education through theater.


Upon return to the U.S., I landed in Washington, DC not sure of how to use my new French language skills and the myriad of other technical skills I gained living and working in Togo. I started to volunteer in various areas of education like teaching theater to youth with mental disabilities and teaching basic literacy to adults. I enrolled in a Graduate Certificate Program in Adult Education at the University of the District of Columbia. It is this program that validated my belief that education should be enjoyable and relevant to learners. The program led me to paid work as an Adult Literacy Instructor and later as a Technology Education Coordinator at a grassroots nonprofit organization that taught technology skills to low-income adults.


Now, I look forward to completing my graduate degree at CIE in the company of many other interesting individuals from around the world. My research interests include the study of women’s experiences in literacy and livelihood programs in developing countries and the affects of African language policies on student success.


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