I am Foster Kamanga, a first year master's student at CIE from Malawi. Since 2010, I have worked as a high school teacher. While teaching I also volunteered in a community-based organization that was working to eradicate poverty through education and awareness of human rights, gender and HIV/AIDS issues.


From 2008 to 2010, while pursuing my first degree studies at the University of Malawi, I worked as a peer educator for Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Western Cape (ZAMANAWE) HIV/AIDS universities’ project which emphasizes positive behavioral change. Their program included exchange visits, drama, poems, quizzes and public talks.


While my services contributed to development through education, a critical analysis revealed that my aspiration to work with a national or transnational state-owned or non-governmental organization that supports development through International Education in developing countries, would be more effective if I acquire advanced research skills and knowledge.


Therefore, the opportunity to study with world-class scholars and interact with a dynamic and diverse student body at Center for International Education will surely increase my adaptability in intercultural contexts and enhance growth in my leadership and managerial skills.


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