Farida Fleming

I hope things are well at CIE. I think of you all often. Since finishing my Masters, I’ve been settling back into life in Australia and traveling in the region.


I have kept up links with CIE through our contract with Unicef to do a desk review on non-formal education equivalence and skills training for out-of-school adolescents in East Asia and the Pacific. It's great to be working with friends and colleagues.


I've been doing research work for the Australasian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities on the study of Asian languages in Australia. The new federal government has provided additional funding for the study of Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Bahasa Indonesia in senior secondary schools. I'm also doing some work for the Australian Development Gateway to identify and summarize education research and materials for use by field practitioners.


Before coming to CIE I worked as a teacher - teaching children after-school, teaching migrants English, teaching students English in Japan, preparing Youth Ambassadors before their postings. I remember these students, both adults and children, and the moments when we learned something together.


Growing up between cultures I developed a love of sharing different worlds as an adult. Being able to work in a range of countries has been a joy. Most recently with the international arm of the Department of Education and Training (NSW) I have worked and traveled throughout the South-East Asian and Pacific regions. I have been lucky enough to work on adult learning (public sector reform) projects in PNG, teaching improvement programs in Indonesia, and skills training programs in the Pacific. [9-08]


Email: farida.fleming@gmail.com


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