Meet-ups Around the World

The extended CIE community has more than 600 members scattered around the globe.  Most of our graduates are working for INGOs, working with multi-lateral agencies, working in education in their home countries, or doing freelance consulting.  One or more CIE graduates can be found in almost any major city in the world. Together they form an unusual and dynamic international community.


Graduates from different generations often meet or find themselves working together, and if they don't know, they quickly discover that they share a common heritage with CIE.  The Meet-ups below are examples of interactions in the off-campus CIE community.



Meet-up in Kathmandu

Three CIE graduates from different eras met in Kathmandu, Nepal in August 2015.

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Meet-up in Doha, Qatar

Wendy Wheaton and Jacqi Mosselson met while they were attending a conference on Peace Education in Doha, Qatar in February 2016.

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Meet-up in Kabul

Salma Khan was visiting Kabul fron her home in Pakistan and doing some consulting with MSI on a Civil Society Report. She got together with Mujtaba Hedayet and Noori Noorallah at a local restaurant.

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Meet-up in Napa Valley, California

Early CIE graduates meet up in Napa Valley California

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Meet-Up in Bangkok

Hunter and Lukas shared experiences in Bangkok

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Meet Up in Utah

Bonnie & David Mullinix with Joan Dixon in Utah

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Meet-up in Istanbul, Turkey

Three CIE friends gathered for tea in Istanbul during a conference.

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Meet-up in Zanzibar

Three CIE members from different CIE generations met in Zanzibar while working on an education project called TZ21.. Renuka Pillay as Chief of Party - from the 1990s, Jennifer Chin as Senior Program Officer - from the 2000's and Mark Lynd as an evaluator - from the 1990s.

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Meet-up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Bolivia meets Tanzania. Gabriela Delgadillo had dinner with Fulgence Swai in Dar es Salaam. Gabriella was in Tanzania working for Verité inspecting working conditions in remote areas of Western Tanzania. Swai says it was just like a Tuesday meeting at CIE!

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