Meet-ups Around the World

The extended CIE community has more than 600 members scattered around the globe.  Most of our graduates are working for INGOs, working with multi-lateral agencies, working in education in their home countries, or doing freelance consulting.  One or more CIE graduates can be found in almost any major city in the world. Together they form an unusual and dynamic international community.


Graduates from different generations often meet or find themselves working together, and if they don't know, they quickly discover that they share a common heritage with CIE.  The Meet-ups below are examples of interactions in the off-campus CIE community.



Meet-up in Kenya

Paul St John Frisoli and Martina (Ochiel) Amoth, and IE faculty member, Jacqi Mosselson, met up in Machakos, Kenya.


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Meet-up at UNICEF in New York

Fritz Affolter, Ash Hartwell and Mark Lynd met at a meeting of the Accelerated Education Working Group at UNICEF in New York


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Meet-up in North Carolina

Jane Benbow met up with David McCurry and Bonnie Mullinix in North Caroling in March 2018


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Steve Grant, DRE, Ash Hartwell meet in Montague House

Steve Grant was in town for a reunion of french majors at Amherst College and came by Montague House where he sat down with Ash Hartwell and DRE to reminisce on CIE in the 1970s.


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Meet-up in Kabul, Afghanistan

Habibullah Wajdi and Patrick Fine met up in Kabul in March 2018.

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Meet-up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Kimberly Parekh and Assela Luena met in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in January 2018.

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Meet-up in New York City

Somprasong Withayagiat and Julio Ramirez de Arellano reunited recently in New York City

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Meet-up in West Nile, Uganda

Ash Hartwell met Satomi Kamei in November 2017 in Arua, Uganda.

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Meet-up at Women and Leadership conference in California

CIE graduates representing three countries met at a conference in California on Women and University Leadership.

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Meet-up in Washington, D.C.

Valerie Kurka and others have started organizing informal happy hour getherings of the CIE group living and working in the Washington, D.C. area.  The first gathering was in August, 2017.

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