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Keynote Dialogue

Where do we go from here?
Globalization, education and the challenge of uncertainty

Globalization, when understood as the spatialization of modernity, presents challenges to all social scientists, especially those with a comparative and international education (CIE) orientation. I start by outlining my own approach to studying global dynamics in education where I have described processes of reconfiguration, rupture and indeterminacy. I then consider critiques of this work and illustrate how they flow from certain dominant (modernist) understandings of globalization and education. I argue that CIE will be better able to respond to contemporary uncertainty by engaging with theories and concepts that resonate with contemporary conditions rather than those that seek to control or eliminate them. This has implications for intellectual critique as well as practical action.

As an informal address rather than traditional keynote, participants will be invited to reflect on the paper Reading the Global that raises three central questions:

  • Where do we do comparative education research under conditions of profound global interconnectivity?
  • What counts as data in the emerging global cultural economy?
  • What type of progressive project is possible in such research?

To elaborate the argument outlined in the main text ‘Reading the Global’, a secondary text is provided - Global education policy and the postmodern challenge. Issues contained here will be introduced during the session and it is not expected that all participants will have read this newer work in advance.
Stephen Carney

Australian by birth and educated in England, Stephen Carney has published widely within the field of CIE in contexts including Denmark, England, Nepal and China. He has recently become a co-editor of the Comparative Education Review and maintains a long-standing relation to CIES as co-chair of the Globalization and Education Special Interest Group. Stephen Carney, Associate professor, Educational Studies, Roskilde University (Denmark)

Conference Schedule (Posted - Oct 28th)

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Friday, November 1st
Amherst Rm -10th floor
Rm 101 
Rm 163
Rm 168
Rm 162
Rm 904 - 9th floor

Coffee & Pastries

Session I
Telling Stories with Film: An Increasing Imperative for Education in Development 
Moving from Managing Work to Leading People 
Incorporating Education Abroad Into Your Curriculum
Education in a Time of Globalization: Case Studies
PISA and the Spread of Learning Assessments: Research, Policy, and Marginalized Students 
Transforming Racialized Legacies
Session II

Where Do We Go from Here?
Globalization, Education, and the Challenge of Uncertainty
Stephen Carney
Amherst Room (10th floor)

Coffee Break
Session III 3:30-5:00
Poster Session in the Main Concourse 
Teachers and Global Teacher Policies in Uncertain Times    
Scholarly and Practitioner Publishing: A Conversation with Journal Editors
Doing Research and Practice: Working in Communities Impacted by Trauma, Violence, and Conflict
Contemporary Gender Issues: Rights, Refugees, Violence, and Integration
Lessons Learned During the Implementation of the Teacher Education Improvement Program in Palestine
Amherst Room (10th Floor)


Saturday, November 2nd
Amherst Rm - 10th floor
Rm 101
Rm 163
Rm 162
Rm 168
Rm 904 - 9th floor
Session I 9:00-10:30
Indigenous Education
Education in Fragile Contexts: The Significance of Culture, Reform, Violence, and Debt 
Global and National Policies
Partnerships in Education: Stakeholders, Engagement, and New? Approaches
Community Factors
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Education for Sustainable Development
Coffee Break
Session II 11:00-12:30
Language Literacy and Culture: Policies and Practice
Teacher Education: In-Service Teacher Supports
The Ugly Side of Education
Institutional Transition in Higher Education
Youth Activism and Engagement
Policy Processes in Education for Sustainable Development: Exploring the Role of the State, NGOs, and Higher 
Session III 1:30-3:00
Minorities/Ethnic Group: Issues of Equity and Access
Who's Afraid of
the Big Bad MOOC?  
Technology in Schools: Encouraging use of ICT and Teacher Education
Power, Hierarchy, and Reform in China's Universities
Discourses, Conflict and Uncertainity in Education "Glocal Perspectives" 
Compressed Ethnographies in International Settings
Coffee Break
Session IV 3:30-5:00
Taking Stock of LGBTQ Issues in Education within Various Contexts 
Teacher Education: Policies and Professional Development 
Equity in Uncertain Times: What are the Challenges to Achieving Equity in Educational Outcomes in the Developing World and Beyond? 
Higher Education in China: Comparing University Systems
Curriculum Development Issues
The Challenge of Linking Education and World Work

Key: Blue are Professional Development Sessions; Red are Panel Presentations

Parking for the conference. Download campus map here.

Note: you can get a reduced price voucher for parking in the Parking Garage connected to the Campus Center at registration. Registration is on the lower level of the Campus Center. Take the escalator down from the 2nd floor to the main concourse on the lower level.

Conference Sponsors

Comparative and International Education Society
College of Education, UMass Amherst
Institute for Global Education Policy Studies, SUNY Albany
Teachers College, Columbia University
Dept of Education, Policy, Research & Administration, UMass Amherst
Center for International Education, UMass Amherst

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