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40th - CIE Members Respond
updated May 3, 2008



Michael Tjivikua Bro Russell     Duong vonThanh Mantina Mohasi

Don Graybill

I've been following the CIE 40th news, ...I haven't thrown in the towel yet since I will be coming back to the states in June. I've been overwhelmed by the number of "it's a small, small world" contacts I have made here---UMASS is pervasive.  In a month I have seen Dan Moulton, Steve Anzalone, Russ Dilts and Gudrun Forsberg...folks who have been to ITD in Amherst, and other connections from other parts of my life. Plans to link up with Elias this weekend and I feel certain with John Pontius not too far down the road..and it feels like many others from other parallel dimensions.  Wow.  Indonesia is quite a happening place. [3-08]

Mantina Mohasi

I would like to be coordinating Lesotho CIE members if you don't have a person already. I would also want to attend this very important occasion, but you have to help me to start asking for funds from my university. For me to do that I need conference topics so I can submit a proposal, if admitted, then I can ask for funds through Research and Publications Committee of the University of Lesotho. The sooner I know about the topics, the better. I really don't want to miss this very important occasion. [12-07]

Thanh Duong

It's amazing to celebrate the 40 years of CIE community. I'm sorry not to be able to respond to the flow of e-mail regarding this significant event. Although I'll be very busy for the Spring Semester with a large group of American students for SIT/Study Abroad in Vietnam and Cambodia, I'll be back to States by the end of May, 2008. Surely, I will attend this anniversary of CIE [12-07]

Robert 'Bro' Russell

It would be nice if the CIE could set up a mentoring program  for all incoming people, linking them to all the old silverbacks: every  newcomer gets a life time mentor in some of us who are at retirement or  senior sage life level.... But, I usually come down on the side of perceiving formal  education as doing vastly more damage to the truly creative mind than we would  like to admit.

Yes, I'd be very pleased to be part of the Center's 40th  process. [12-07]

Patrick Fine

Perhaps what I share most with other Center members is a faith in life long learning - as a development strategy and as a route towards personal growth and towards the kind of knowledge and understanding that build the connections that bring us together.   I'm planning on attending the bash this summer along with other members of the Washington contingent.  Hope to see you all in Amherst this summer for the celebration of the 40th anniversary. [12-07]

Vachel Miller

I do hope to make the 40th, Inshallah!  We should be returning to the US in May, latest, and it's the best excuse to visit old friends in Amherst.   Yes, I could help locate anyone in Uganda.  If you have leads, I can try to find out more...From the source of the Nile. [11-07]

Michael Tjivikua

Without a doubt I will be at the 40th next year. Perhaps I will be first to arrive and last to leave. A dormitory room will suit me well and bring back some good memories. Who can beat me to that? I can do a presentation on education reform in Africa particularly for emerging situations and will draw from the Namibian example. Others (Dre, George, Bob, Ash, etc. who have more experience working in Africa) can advise in that regard. I am sure some folks may be interested in that as well. Another thought was pick a theme like that and talk about it from different continent's perspective. I am sure the brilliant minds behind this will come up with something more dynamic. [11-07]

Anita Anastacio Al Hurwitz     Michael Simsik Michael Basile

Anita Anastacio

It looks likely that I will be attending the events around the 40th anniversary.  We are in Toronto the weekend of the 21st June the event falls quite nicely for me.... Being in Amherst and then off to Canada.[11-07]

Jane Benbow

I saw the email about the 40th reunion and as of today it's on my calendar and I'm ready to help. Just let me know how my services can be most useful. And share a little news of the Center. I may even up-date my profile in preparation for the reunion! [10-07]

Mike Basile

I recall the 25th was a nice mix of presentations highlighting personal involvements as well as salient international education issues on the one hand with party stuff on the other.  Some folk would come to reconnect with the area, the campus, etc., too; my own family there has dwindled to just the brother in South Hadley and aunts, cousins (does this sound like Gilbert & Sullivan?). So...let me put more thought to it. [11-07]

Patrick Burns

Very good to hear from you and thanks for the alert regarding the 40th.  It must be very gratifying for you to be looking at the 40th year celebration of an organization in which you have invested so much, touched so many, and been the primary driver of its success.  
I am currently based in Shanghai as an independent consultant.  I hope to make the June event and will send in updated bio info. regardless.  

Allan Hurwitz

I will help support the Amherst contingent, those of us that just never could leave, or in my case came back. I think there are a number of us, at least from my (ancient) time.

I will do my best on the tasks you have so clearly laid out. I'm very glad this is happening. Thanks for pulling it together.

Fritz Affolter

Congratulations to 40 Years CIE. I remember that I helped drawing the poster for the 30th anniversary of CIE, when George Urch was retiring. 40 Years is a proud achievement. Thanks to those who have kept it alive and steered it through the difficult decades. I hope you are thinking about the systems and people that must be in place once David Evans is thinking about retirement.

I looked at the website. Congratulations for all the flurry of creativity. Not sure what I could contribute, sitting here in Angola....????
...Since you asked: I was wondering if it would be possible to develop a web-page with collected publications from all CIE members. It could become an indicator of CIE's claim to produce "Deep Practitioners", and this in turn might attract donor interest. With all our graduates, it could become an impressive list.
Secondly, I would certainly like to see materials that convince me that CIE is on the path of financial independence / sustainability. I will think about a topic of a keynote paper

Jane Benbow Fritz Affolter     Gail vonHahmann Mohamed Ibrahim Elgadi

Gail vonHahmann

Imagine this. 40 years. You should certainly get the 'sustainability' certificate  :-)

As usual, I will probably be on some far shore, this time, Liberia. I will try to send an update, at least
. [11-07]

Michael Simsik

Thanks for the email and the good news of the 40th anniversary celebration (web site looks great).  As I am currently in Mali, I'm not sure I'll be able to get there but will do my best.  With finger's crossed, I hope to make it. I'm willing to take responsibility for contacting the CIE members in Mali.

Best wishes and good luck with the organizing effort

Mohamed Elgadi

Thanks, DRE, for continuing this legacy.... the CIE 40th Anniversary per see is a great achievement in the NFE history not to mention the many achievements of its alumna in the field. I hope we document this and circulate it widely.

Regarding  the question "What are YOU willing to do at the 40th?" I hope to be finishing a book based on my dissertation "Evaluation of the Oppressed" and share it during the event. [11-07]


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