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Pictures from the 25th & Other Times
updated June 8, 2008



Michael MarzollaOn this page we will be posting pictures from the past, many from the 25th reunion and other times when CIE members have gathered together. You are encouraged to send us pictures for this page (Please do NOT embed them in Word documents - send them as attached jpeg files for easy manipulation). Many of the pictures currently here are courtesy of Mike Marzolla and James Key both of whom were active photographers at the 25th.

*Please note: Identifications of people below are best guesses - email us corrections please.

Al Hurwitz - Don Graybill
Helen Fox
Sherry Kane - Mario Acevedo
Mark Protti
Darioush Deghan - John Bing
Catherine Bing
Juan Caban - Frank Schorn
Steve McLaughlin
Dick Betz - Will Shaw
Jo Elyn Bookman
Jan Droegkamp - Mike Basile
Elias Moning - David McCurry
Jeetendra Joshi - Jane Benbow
Steve Guild - Bill Smith
Jane Benbow - Gudrun Forsberg
Norman Hiza
Haleh Arbab - Fanny Dontoh
Grant Suhm
Norman Hiza
Manjula Salomon -Ishmael Moletsane
Valerie Haugen
Manjula Salomon - David Lee
Jo Elyn Bookman - Nancy Maklan
Carla Classon-Hook - Steve McLauglin - Valerie Miller
Cynthia Shepard Perry - Abdul Kareem Sabuur
David McCurry - Mark Lynd - Tom Neilson
Jill Tucker - Sally Habana-Hafner
Sushan Acharya
Carol Martin - Beverly Lindsey
James Key - Don Graybill
Helen Fox - Ben Dlamini?
Morongoe Ntloedibe - Kantie Athukorala
Mike Marzolla - Kla Somtrakool?
? - Don Ross

The pictures below are from the earliest days of CIE, mostly the 1970s. Thanks to Bill and Ginger Smith who saved these and passed copies along. The rest of you from the 1970s - what pictures do you have. Everyone looks very different from the perspective of the 2000s! So defend yourself by sending along pictures of others...and thanks. Send all pictures to DRE

Wendy Schaerer - Michael Haviland
Bill Smith - Patricio Barriga
David Schimmel - Bob Pearson
John Bing - DRE
Gordon Schimmel - Ernesto Zambrano
Lowell Fleischer - Ron Bell
Steve Guild
June 'Cookie' Bourbeau
Josh Tandon - David Kinsey - DRE
Walter Johnson

Helen Fox sent in some of the pictures below - taken in 1989 - some at a CIE wedding.

Mansour Fakih
Helen Fox - David Kinsey
George Urch
Saeed Fahia
Maria Keita - Jacqueline Gnagne
The usual suspects & David McCurry
Mary Jo Connelly

The pictures below are courtesy of Pat Maguire and mostly come from the 1980s including shots of some of the Indonesian educators who studied at CIE as part of the PENMAS project during the early 1980s. If anyone can help us with the names of folks in the pictures, please send along ideas.

Pat Maguire, Nancy Maklan, Jan Droegkamp, Margaret McLauglin
Pusdiklat Graduation Ceremony 1982
Mathias Chewe? - Emmanuel Ntibayandishu
Pat Maguire, Jenny Campos
Yong Kim, Pat Maguire, Nancy Maklan
Rus Dilts, Agus Dharma, DRE, ?

Paul JurmoThis treasure trove of pictures from the 1981 retreat at Camp Bement - possibly the first retreat there? Not sure the group picture is 1981 though - not the same people? With thanks to Paul Jurmo. Help us out with those we haven't been able to identify!


DRE - Kofi Bioh
CIE Retreat 198? - Click on picture for Large Version
Harrison Parker - David McCurry
Julio Ramirez
Juan Aulestia?

Mike Frith - Dick Betz - Don Ross
Bob Miltz - Mayuree Tongsri

George Urch - Tom Malusa - Pepep Sudrajat
Peggy Lee - David Kinsey
The four hooded ones!
Pepep Sudrajat - David Lee - Mike Frith
Bob Miltz
George Urch - Olga Hernandez - Paul Jurmo