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Hafez Abuadwan
Fall 2015 CIE Endowment Fellow from Gaza, Palestine

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David Kahler
David Kahler

Nana SeshibeNana Seshibe
June 2015




The Center for International Education (CIE) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is part of the Department of Educational Policy, Research and Administration (EPRA) in the College of Education.
We specialize in:

Nonformal and Popular Education
International Development Education
Basic Education
Participatory Research and M&E
Strengthening Higher Education

Education Policy, Planning & Leadership
Qualitative Research Methods
Teacher Education
Adult & Family Literacy
Education in Conflict & Crisis Settings

Campus Activities
  Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

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Recent Updates of CIE graduates
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Recently updated: Judith Obiero - Mary Monica Gomes - Konda Reddy Chavva - Phoebe Mckinney - Mindy Eichhorn - Antonie Chigeda - Dwaine Lee - Hal Weaver - Larissa Savitskaya Chekmareva - Hunter Gray - M. Kalim Qamar - Patrada Thisyamondol - Donna Lopp - Rebecca Stone - Michael Simsik - Bill Smith - David Kahler - Frank McNerney - Darren Hertz - Lauren Clarke - Hassan Bangura - Ellen Licht - Stephen Richardson - Steve Anzalone - Paul Jurmo - Joanie Cohen-Mitchell - Steve Grant - Arthur Gillette - Karin Wachter - Charles Harns - Gopal Midha

CIE Gatherings
Abuja, Amherst, Albania, Bishkek, Cairo, Dacca, Dar es Salaam, Harare, Honolulu, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Kabul, Kathmandu, Khartoum, Kigali, Mbeya, Ramallah, San Antonio, Nairobi.

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