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Grote Markt, creative commons image from Flickr, Sean Munson

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Grote Markt is located in the Historic Center of Brugge, Belgium, which still retains evidence of its history as a medieval settlement. The site was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.


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While members of the Center's Steering Committee are currently developing the Center's future plans, they invite all interested parties to pledge their support. If you are a faculty member, student, heritage professional, potential donor or community member interested in learning more about how you can become part of the Center's present and future, please contact Elizabeth Chilton or Neil Silberman for more details.

Elizabeth Chilton

Director, CHS
Associate Professor, Anthropology
University of Massachusetts
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Neil Silberman

Coordinator of Projects and Policy Initiatives, CHS
Department of Anthropology
University of Massachusetts
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