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The CHESS program requires participating students to complete a three-semester course series.  

Semester 1 (Fall): Anth 660 European Anthropology I (3 credits)
This course will guide students through the process of writing and submitting a research proposal to fit within the annual research stream.  Students will be trained in ethnographic research methods and theories that can be applied to the study of heritage.

Semester 2 (Spring): Anth 680 European Anthropology II (6 credits)
While at their field sites, students will submit regular progress reports and receive online feedback from the field supervisor and cohort.  They will also correspond with faculty and student peers from the University of Barcelona.  Participation in student workshops at the University of Barcelona is a requirement for this course.

Semester 3 (Fall): Anth 685 European Anthropology III (3 credits)
Upon returning from their field sites, students will learn transcription techniques, data analysis, and ethnographic writing for publication in peer-reviewed journals.  

In addition to the required three-course series, CHESS students are encouraged to take advantage of the Department of Anthropology’s strengths in anthropology of Europe and in heritage studies by enrolling in electives courses that will complement their core CHESS program.  Regularly offered courses are listed below.  Please consult the anthropology department's course descriptions for the current schedule.  

Graduate-level elective courses           Undergraduate-level elective courses

Language Training

Students are expected to demonstrate sufficient ability in the language of their field site to be able to carry out their research.  Numerous language-training opportunities exist through UMass and the Five Colleges Consortium:

The UMass Department of Spanish regularly offers elementary Catalan and intensive elementary Spanish every fall semester.  Further courses in Spanish and Catalan are also available.

UMass and the Five Colleges Consortium regularly offer courses in the following languages: Catalan, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Yiddish.  In addition, Dutch, Finnish, and Polish have been offered on rotation.

The Five College Center for the Study of World Languages (FCCSWL) offers undergraduates supervised individual language training courses in Arabic, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Georgian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak, Turkish, and Ukrainian.