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Faculty Mentors

Principal Investigators

Krista Harper:  Director of European Field Studies Program and field supervisor; mentor
Cultural anthropology: environmentalism; food politics; ethnographic and participatory digital research methods; Roma (Gypsies); Hungary; European Union

Jacqueline Urla:  field supervisor; mentor; Director, Modern European Studies Program
Cultural and linguistic anthropology: Basque language revitalization; nationalism, the anthropology of activism; popular culture; visual anthropology; Spain

Project Faculty
Elizabeth Chilton:  Project faculty; mentor; Director, Center for Heritage and Society
Archaeology: gender; agriculture; Native American New England; applied heritage anthropology

Susan DiGiacomo:  Project faculty; mentor
Cultural anthropology: Catalan language politics and nationalism; urban anthropology; youth and education; Catalonia and Spain

Julie Hemment:  Field supervisor, project faculty; mentor
Cultural anthropology: youth, gender, and civil society organizations; postsocialism; nationalism; public anthropology; participatory action research (PAR); Russia

Brigitte Holt:  Project faculty; mentor
Biological anthropology: skeletal biology of early humans in Spain, France, Romania, and Italy; diversity in past European populations

Elizabeth L. Krause:  Project faculty; mentor; field supervisor
Cultural anthropology: historical anthropology and social memory; reproductive politics, especially low fertility; race/gender/class; ethnographic writing; economic anthropology; Italy and U.S.

Neil Silberman:  Project faculty; mentor; Associate Director, Center for Heritage and Society
Archaeology and applied heritage anthropology: international heritage institutions; interpretation in conflict settings; intangible heritage; public interpretation and internet technologies

Michael Sugerman:  Project faculty; mentor
Archaeology: Mediterranean trade routes; Cyprus
Oriol Pi-Sunyer:  Project faculty; mentor
Cultural anthropology and archaeology: tourism; political anthropology; Latin America; Catalonia and Spain.