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Wednesday June 15th

7:30 am

Light, Healthy New England Breakfast

Berkshire Dining Commons

8:00 am

Lecture and Production
Modern American Cuisine ~ Simple, Fast and Healthy
Modern American Cuisine has spawned many imitators. Letís indulge into the realm of an array of foods produced and grown by many local farmers. It is a positive trend and can be served and savored while reducing sodium and bringing out big, bold, and natural flavors.

Presenters: Chef Frank Terranova, Chef Alonzo Villarreal & Chef Curtis Felton
Berkshire Dining Commons

2:30 - 3:30 pm

Round Table: Healthy Eating at College Dining
Modern American Cuisine ~ Simple, Fast and Healthy
Healthy eating is one of the hottest topics on campus. The USDA has replaced the confusing food pyramid with a colorful icon called MyPlate. In college dining, not only do we need to provide healthy choices, we also need to reduce sodium, offer more vegetables and fruits, reduce the portion size, be trans-fat free, serve less sugary drinks, offer more protein from plant bases and encourage our students to make healthy choice and exercise, etc. Four directors from across the nation will discuss this important topic and suggest innovative ways to provide simple food and healthy eating through food education, culinary strategy, and flavor insight.

Panel guests: Eric Montell of Stanford, David Riddle of Texas A&M, Nancy Levandowski of Iowa State University, David May of University of New Hampshire Moderator: John Lawn, Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher, Food Management Magazine
Berkshire Dining Commons

6:00 pm

Taste of the World Street Food and Casino Night

Berkshire Dining Commons

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