Mark Miller

Mark Miller is recognized as one of America's foremost chefs working in regional cuisines and international flavors. Over the last 30 years he has combined his formal academic background in Cultural Anthropology with his passion for bold flavors to create groundbreaking restaurant concepts in the United States, Japan and Australia.

Mark started his culinary career at Berkeley's renowned Chez Panisse in 1977, and then in 1979 opened his first concept: Fourth Street Grill. Fourth Street Grill was the first of his 13 restaurants that featured an eclectic menu of ethnic flavors and culinary traditions that was soon to become his trademark. Some of the restaurants that followed were Santa Fe Bar and Grill in Berkeley, CA 1981; Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, NM 1986; Red Sage in Washington, DC 2001; Raku: Asian Grill in Washington, DC 1996; Longbar in San Francisco, CA 1997 and Wildfire in Sydney, Australia 2002.

He was elected to Who's Who in Food and Wine in 1985 and has been awarded the Food Arts Silver Spoon Award for lifetime achievements and the James Beard award for best Chef in the Southwest.

He is the author of ten cookbooks and four food posters that have sold over one million copies. Along with his restaurants and books Mark teaches on the taste and perception of ethnic flavors, especially Latin and Asian culinary traditions and he consults with major food, hotel, airline and restaurant companies.