Kevin Brauch

Born and raised in Toronto, Kevin Brauch can be seen drinking and eating his way around the world in Thirsty Traveler.

A graduate of Ryerson University's Radio & Television Arts program, Brauch has been on Canadian Television since 1994. The former tvoKid has spent much of his career opening eyes and minds of young people, having been involved in no less than five children's television programs, varying his roles as host, actor, producer, and writer.

In addition, Brauch developed a greenthumb as co-host of Life Network and HGTV's Canadian Gardening Television.

In 1998 Brauch received his first Gemini Award nomination for Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program Series (STUFF), followed by a second nomination in 1999 for Best Host in a Lifestyle or performing Arts Program or Series (Canadian Gardening Television). Brauch spends his off-camera time writing comedy and keeps fit by playing year-round ice hockey, mountain biking and triathlon training. Guilty pleasures include imported beer, CD shopping and sneaking out of work mid-afternoon for a trip down to the pub to cheer on the Arsenal Gunners Football Club of London, England.