Program Schedule

Wednesday June 17th

7:30 am

Light, Healthy New England Breakfast
Berkshire Dining Commons

8:00 am

Kraft Foods
11th Floor Campus Center

8:20 am

Lecture and Production
Peruvian Cuisine Exposed
What is it about Peruvian Cuisine that makes it mouth-watering?  Is it the ingredients used, the cooking techniques, the people, or the equipment?  Come and find out!  Peruvian flavors are fast growing and entering our culinary world in the United States.  It is time to offer our students something else besides the traditional ethnic foods.   
Valeria Molinelli, Johnson and Wales University
Berkshire Dining Commons

1:30 pm

General Mills & the Pillsbury Baking Institute Present:
College & University Baking Mix Workshop: “Make More With Less”
- Hear how to use baked goods to maximize your sales, drive profits, and improve student satisfaction
- Learn how to simplify your operation while offering more variety
- See how to transform baking mix into profit enhancing creations

6:00 pm

Taste of the World Street Food and Casino Night
Berkshire Dining Commons

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