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Thursday June 18th

7:30 am

Light, Healthy New England Breakfast
Berkshire Dining Commons

8:00 am

Lecture and Production
Street Foods of the Mediterranean
You can’t miss out on this hands-on class!  Come and take a walk with us through the streets of some of the most vibrant places of the Mediterranean such as Greece, Turkey, and Morocco to mention a few.  Open your mind to new and exotic flavors from the best food sources any ethnic cuisine could offer…the street vendors!
Victor Smurro/Chef Frank Terranova , Johnson and Wales University
Berkshire Dining Commons

8:00 am

Lecture and Production
Understanding Trans Fat Free formulations and mixing procedures for batters doughs and icings
Bakers have the opportunity to move away from substitutes created to replace transfats. The retail baker is responsible for producing quality products, and can do so by using natural ingredients that formed the foundation of the trade. By working with natural baking ingredients, and concentrating on quality not quantity, bakers can use natural emulcifaction to produce cake batters with six ingredients instead of the 30 listed on packaged bakery products. The baker needs to be a baker first and chemist second. Learn how to make transfat-free products.

2:00 pm

ACF Competition Briefing with Judges
Mandatory for all competing teams
During this mandatory meeting Chief Judge Noble Masi will discuss the competition; each team will then receive a market basket and be given 40 minutes to write their menu and set up their speed racks.
Chief Judge Noble Masi, CEPC,CMB,CHE,AAC 
Berkshire Dining Commons

6:00 pm


6:30 - 8:30 pm

Guest Speaker: John Lawn, Editor-in-Chief, Food Management Magazine
11th Floor Campus Center

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