Enku Gelaye

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Campus Life

Enku GelayeWelcome to the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are a nationally recognized team of student affairs educators dedicated to excellence, innovation, and social justice. In partnership with campus colleagues, we support an actively engaged and diverse student body, and challenge them to become leaders in their community and the world.

Our mission is facilitating student learning and development to maximize academic and personal success. Through engagement with our essential services and programs that promote the intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being, our students transform their potential to match their highest aspirations. Our division is committed to creating an inclusive environment that fully engages students with their collegiate experience. Our range of programs and services includes new student orientation, parent services, housing and residential life, physical and mental wellness, career development and internships, recreational sports, religious affairs, multicultural student programs, veterans’ services, judicial matters, student activities, the residential first year experience, student government, and early education and care. Together, these programs and partnerships create a positive learning environment in which our students develop an array of core competency skills including: leadership, self management, time management, planning and organizing, team building, effective communication, critical analysis and creative problem solving.

Our division brings the campus together as a total learning community and is a vital part of making the University of Massachusetts Amherst a welcoming and accessible institution. We look forward to meeting you!

UMass Amherst Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life