Corporate and Foundation Relations assists with:

Pre-submission assistance

  • Program development brainstorming
  • Provide research resources and guidance to help identify potential funders
  • Assess your funder portfolio to help create a funding strategy
  • Liaise with private funders to qualify the project and obtain answers for questions
  • Create proposal submission timelines
  • Identify additional internal proposal development resources
  • Coordinate and facilitate prioritizing campus-wide applications, when funder mandated
  • Manage limited submission internal review process for foundation opportunities in collaboration with Research Development

For larger funding proposals

  • Help you conceptually frame the proposal or letter of intent to match the funder's mission
  • Make narrative recommendations with particular attention to alignment with specific foundation criteria
    • 2 weeks for intensive rewrite assistance
    • 4-5 days for simple edits
  • Proposal production including hard copy presentation and final assembly
  • Ensure institutional and funder requirements are met

For smaller funding proposals

  • Help you access and navigate the Foundation Directory, an online research funding tool
  • Have our student researchers identify foundations that would best match your proposed project

For 501(c)3 proposals (Note: all proposals submitted through the UMass Foundation must also be routed through and approved by OGCA)

  • If funder mandates a 501(c)(3) tax status, obtain UMass Foundation 501(c)(3) approval, cover letter and required documents; allow 4 days 
  • Assist with any revisions/clarification that the Office for Grants and Contracts Administration (OGCA) requires
  • Pick up approved 501c3 proposal from OGCA
  • Submit proposal via mail or upload digital proposal after approved by OGCA


  • Arrange, facilitate and coordinate foundation site visits to UMass Amherst and to private organizations
  • Attend department or group meetings to talk about private organizational funding
  • Provide information on previously funded UMass Amherst applications
  • Obtain successful sample proposals (when possible)
  • Seek funder feedback
  • Assess if resubmission worthwhile