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Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Corporate and Foundation Relations compiles a Request for Proposal (RFP) e-newsletter that lists foundations with open calls for proposals and letters of intent that are sent to UMass Amherst schools and colleges. If you are not receiving the newsletters and would like to do so, please sign up below.

Archived RFP e-newsletters are available for download. Each newsletter spans a few months and those archived may still have current RFP's. Most of these funding opportunities occur annually. If the current deadline is too tight and you would like to apply for the next round, we suggest that you add a note to your calendar 2-3 months in advance of the annual deadline, and alert us about your interest via email to

Previous RFP e-newsletter

CFR eNewsletter 06-24-15.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 06-04-15.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 05-18-15.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 04-27-15.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 04-02-15.pdf

CRF eNewsletter 03-12-15.pdf

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CFR eNewsletter 7-23-14.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 7-1-14.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 6-20-14.pdf

CFR Science & Medical eNewsletter 5-27-14.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 5-20-14.pdf

CFR Science & Medical eNewsletter 5-14-14.pdf

CFR Science & Medical eNewsletter 4-17-14.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 4-14-14.pdf

CFR Science & Medical eNewsletter 3-31-14.pdf

CFR Science & Medical eNewsletter 2-25-14.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 2-4-14.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 1-10-14.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 12-16-13.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 12-2-13.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 11-8-13.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 10-28-13.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 10-18-13.pdf

CFR eNewsletter 10-7-13.pdf