Google, Intel Founders Support Undersea Research by UMass Amherst Microbiologist


James Holden in his lab. Photo Credit - Jim Gipe

For the first time in James Holden's 25-year career in deep-sea research, his research will not be funded by a government source. Instead, Holden will be funded by philanthropists committed to supporting oceanographic research. His new studies examine microbes living deep in the cracks and thermal vents around an undersea volcano.

Holden's philanthropists are committed to supporting oceanographic research. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation started by the co-founder of Intel and his wife, and the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI), started by Eric Schmidt of Google and his wife, Wendy. The Moores’ foundation is dedicated to advancing environmental conservation and scientific research, while the SOI supports oceanographic research projects that “help expand the understanding of the world’s oceans through technological advancements, intelligent observation and analysis, and open sharing of information.”

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