Emily Devenney

Policy Specialist

I hail from the Dirty Jerz (yes, I put MassHoles to shame) and am a junior pursuing a dual degree in Linguistics and Economics with a certificate in Civic Engagement and Service Learning. I became involved with the Center for Education Policy and Advocacy as a Vote Coordinator during the 2012 election season, and continued work throughout the 2012-2013 school year with the Access and Affordability Core Team. I enjoy the work I do with CEPA because the people involved get it, and because student activism is rad! I also love spending time in the office; there is constant teaching/learning, laughing, and, of course, wobbling. Aside from my role as Policy Specialist at CEPA, I am also a Pisces, RA, volunteer at The Literacy Project, professional salad-maker, H2O Enthusiast, and I enjoy crafting (specifically paper crafts), going down the Shore, horseback riding, eating (hmu for Greeno/EFoods/Peoples'), waking up early, and shoes. I am also unhealthily nostalgic and sentimental, as well as obsessed with UMass history, so I'm thrilled to be working with such an exceptional group of socially aware, highly motivated, politically informed students to create a year of monumental change.