NIH-funded CBI trainees receive travel grants as part of their NIH traineeship. All other CBI Program Members in CBI labs are eligible to submit a CBI travel grant application anytime throughout the year. Travel grants (typically $200-400) are awarded on a competitive basis about twice a year. Progress in the CBI curriculum is an important criterion for choosing recipients.

Prior Awards:

  • Bradley Duncan, Rotello Group, August 2014, Challenges in Nanoscience, San Diego, CA
  • John Hangasky, Knapp Group, July 2014, Gordon Research Conference, Waterville Valley, NH
  • Karan Hingorani, Gierasch Group, July 2014, FASEB Conference, Saxtons River, VT
    Keith Ballard (NIH), Vierling Group, July 2014, Protein Society Symposium, San Diego, CA
  • Scott Eron, Hardy Group, July 2014, Protein Society Symposium, San Diego, CA
  • Rui Tang, Rotello Group, June 2014, Gordon Research Conference, South Hadley, MA
  • Stephen McCarron, Chambers Group, March 2014, ACS National Meeting, Dallas, TX
  • Cornelius Taabazuing (NIH), Knapp Group, January 2014, Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology, Breckinridge, CO
  • Kristine Pobre, Gierasch Group, September 2013, International Conference on Systems Biology, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Cristina Martin, Knapp Group, July 2013, Protein Society Symposium, Boston, MA
  • Brittany deRonde (NIH), Tew Group, June 2013, Gordon Research Conference on Polymers, South Hadley, MA
  • Carolina Morell Perez (NIH), Heuck Group, April 2013, Principles of Fluorescence Techniques, Urbana-Champaign, IL
  • Amanda Hussey, Chambers Group, February 2013, Biophysical Society Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
  • Mylene Ferrolino, Gierasch Group, August 2012, Mylene Protein Society Symposium, San Diego, CA
  • Jiaming Zhuang, Thai Group, August 2012, ACS National Fall Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
  • Gitanjeli Prasad, Schnarr Group, July 2012, ACS Organic Division Grad Research Symposium, Boulder, CO
  • Nilima Kolli, Garman Group, July 2012, Gordon Conference on Enzymes, Coenzymes and metabolic pathways, Waterville Valley, NH
  • Joanne Lau, Chien Group, May 2012, International Caulobacter meeting & ASM Conference on Prokaryotic Cell Biology and Development, Montreal, Canada
  • Abla Tannous (NIH), Hebert Group, May 2012, Conference on Molecular Chaperones and Stress Response, Cold Springs, NY
  • John Hangasky (NIH), Knapp Group, January 2012, Gordon Research Conference in Bioinorganic Chemistry, Ventura, CA
  • Whitney Stoppel (NIH), Roberts Group, October 2011, Biomedical Engineering Society Mtg, Hartford, CT
  • Lawrence Borketey, Schnarr Group, September 2011, ACS Fall 2011 National Meeting, Denver, CO
  • David Griffin, Bhatia Group, August 2011, Brookhaven National Lab, Upton, NY
  • Abla Tannous, Hebert Group, June 2011, FASEB Summer Conference, Saxton River, VT
  • Nick Borotto (NIH), Vachet Group, June 2011, ASMS Conference, Denver, CO
  • Adriana Kita (NIH), Kaltashov Group, June 2011, ASMS Conference, Denver, CO
  • Seena Koshy, Thompson Group, March 2011, Biophysical Meeting, Baltimore, MD
  • Mariel Feliciano (NIH), Chambers Group, August 2010, ACS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA
  • Elih Velazquez, Hardy Group, October 2010, SACNAS Conference, Anaheim, CA
  • Whitney Stoppel (NIH), Roberts Group, October 2010, Biomedical Engineering Society Mtg, Austin, TX
  • Sravanti Vaidya, Hardy Group, August 2010, Protein Society Meeting, San Diego, CA
  • Vanessa Mendoza, Vachet Group, February 2010, Pittcon, Orlando, FL
  • Cassidy Dobson (NIH), Garman Group, November 2009, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • Mariel Feliciano (NIH), Chambers Group, October 2009, ACS Meeting, Hartford, CT
  • Marty Kolewe (NIH), Roberts Group, August 2009, ACS Fall Meeting, Washington DC
  • Abby Guce, Garman Group, July 2009, Protein Society Symposium, Boston, MA