../../../../../../../Downloads/KevinDagbaKevin Buadlart Dagbay, PhD, Department of Chemistry ’17 graduate, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School, and Program in Cellular and    Molecular Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston:

“UMass Amherst CBI fosters interdisciplinary research discussions among members. Personally, I was able to gain insights from fellow CBI members and faculty that helped me tackle the most pressing questions of my research. Those honest and straightforward comments and suggestions were the highlights of every meetings and research retreats, which enabled me to make significant progress in my research work. Aside from ice cream socials and CBI retreats, I like the composition of faculty members and their corresponding research areas that is uniquely diverse. There were always something new concepts and ideas to learn and to take home with you”


 Monifa Fahie, PhD, MCB’17 graduate:    

“Chalk Talk provides this opportunity to meet people from other disciplines from whom you could learn about different techniques, and possibly start working on collaborative research projects. It is like, when the session is over, you just approach the person who was presenting and talk to him/her. And this might be a start of collaboration… CBI allowed me a platform to present/defend my research in a nurturing environment.  I was a trainee and during this time I was able to publish three papers and mentor younger graduate students (who are also CBI members, one is a trainee now) and undergrads on this traineeship.  I was able to spread my wings.  Thank you”.