CBI/BMB/BMP Joint Retreat

The 2012 Joint Retreat held at Amherst College on Friday, June 15 was a tremendous success! There were 9 great talks, over 60 posters and almost 200 participants!


Congratulations to the winners of the poster awards: Nat Clark (Garman Group), Amber Cantin (Chien Group), Ryan Hietpas (Bolon Group, UMass Med) and Metewo Enuameh (UMass Med)!


Congratulations also to the volleyball champions, CBI-1, with Lynmarie Thompson, Scott Garman, Nick Borotto, Kevin Dagbay, John Hangasky and Cornelius Taabazuing!

Thanks to Gitanjeli Prasad (Schnarr Group), Carina C. Clingman (Ryder Group), Benjamin Johnson (Heuck Group), Brian Mackness (Matthews Group), Katie Maher (Chase Group), Sabrina Vollers (Carruthers Group), Luis Ramirez-Tapia (Martin Group), and Markus Bohn (Schiffer Group) for their fabulous talks, and to Celia Schiffer for providing the Keynote Presentation!

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