CBI/BMB/BMP Joint Retreat

Thanks to CBI and BMB for sponsoring a fun and informative retreat on June 16th, and thanks to our colleagues in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Pharmacology at UMass Med for visiting us in Amherst! Special thanks to Ollie Rando (UMMS) for presenting the keynote address, and to the poster judges for evaluating over 60 posters!

Meg Stratton and Dong Wang did a great job organizing the 2016 retreat, which was held at UMass Amherst for the first time! The event was a massive undertaking, and would not have happened without the help of Vanessa Chaplin, Kevin Dagbay, Derrick Deming, Monifa Fahie, Libbie Haglin, Mac Serrano and Joe Tilitsky--thank you all for devoting time to this event and making it so successful and fun!!

Life Sciences Laboratory

Congratulations to Kevin Dagbay (Hardy Group) and Kamal Joshi (Chien Group) for winning the poster prizes, and to Lauren Barney (Peyton Group), Wenli Meng (Gierasch Group), Derrick Deming (Garman Group) and Bay Serrano (Hardy Group) for being selected to speak at the event! And congratulations to Robert Vass (Chien Group), champion of the pie eating contest!

Please send pics from this event to cbi@cas.umass.edu

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