CBI/BMB/BMP Joint Retreat - 2017

Joint retreats have become highlights of CBI community-building events over the years. The retreat in 2017 was no exclusion. Thanks to CBI and BMB for sponsoring, especially CBI faculty Meg Stratton and Eric Strieter for organizing a fun and informative retreat on May 23rd, and thanks to our colleagues in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Pharmacology at UMass Med for hosting this event at UMass Medical School in Worcester! Special thanks to CBI faculty Jeanne Hardy (UMass Amherst) for presenting the keynote address "A battle to the death: Caspases and Kinases in a death grip", and to the poster judges for evaluating the posters!

Life Sciences Laboratory

Congratulations to CBI Trainees Ben Adams (Hebert group) and Kingshuk Dutta (Thayumanavan Group) for winning the poster prizes (gift cards to "Judy's" restaurant in downtown Amherst)! This year CBI Trainee Rilee Zeinert (Chien Group, "The role of the Lon protease in bacteria stress responses") was selected to speak at the event! Among other selected speakers were Kevin Halloran (Matthews Group, "Protein folding: a complex problem with a "BASIC" answer"), Shean Crowe (Strieter Group, "Isolation and characterization of Ubiquitin Chains by Ubiquitin Chain Enrichment Middle-Down Mass Spectrometry (UbiChEM-MS)", Andrew Simon (Carruthers Group, "Sugar transport complexity: multiple cellular or a singlular cell behavior?"), Stanley Hsieh (Rando Group, "Three-dimensional folding of eucaryotic genomes"), Eugenia Clerico (Gierasch Group, "The allosteric energy landscape of an Hsp70 Molecular chaperone from ion mobility native mass spectrometry and double electron-electron resonance"), Tanya Silvas (Schiffer Group, “Structural basis for substrate specificity of APOBEC3A cytidine deaminase”), and another CBI Trainee Libbie Haglin from Thompson Lab - "Hijacking His tags to assemble functional chemoreceptor nanoarrays".

Pie-eating contest added some fun moments to the retreat. Brian Kelch (UMass Worcester Medical School) won the pie eating contest this year, our own Peter Chien came in at a close 3rd!

Please send pics from this event to cbi@cas.umass.edu

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