CBI/BMB/BMP Joint Retreat - 2018

Joint retreats have become highlights of CBI community-building events over the years. Thanks to CBI and BMB for sponsoring, especially CBI faculty Meg Stratton and Eric Strieter for organizing a fun and informative retreat on June 14th at the UMass Amherst campus. Special thanks to UMass Worcester Prof. Mary Munson for presenting the keynote address "The exocyst-why do cells need such a large protein complex to control vesicle tethering and fusion?", and to the poster judges for evaluating the posters!

Congratulations to CBI Members Sean Crowe (Strieter lab) and Cameron Butova (Garman lab) for winning the poster prizes (gift cards to High Horse restaurant in downtown Amherst)! This year's speakers included Yasaman Gholamipour (Martin lab,"RNA-Seq of in vitro transcription reactions yields new mechanistic and practical insights"), David Tavella (Massi lab, "A disorder-to-order transition regulates the function of the C. elegans RNA-binding protein MEX-5"), Alexandra (Sasha) Pozhidaeva (Postdoc, Gierasch lab, "How a Nucleotide Exchange Factor Acts on an Hsp70 Chaperone"), Nick Stone (Kelch lab, "Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of viral maturation using a hyperthermophilic phage"), Lejie Zhang (Kobertz lab, "Fluorescent Visualization of Cellular Proton Fluxes"), Maureen Hill (Hardy lab, "Targeting the Zika virus Protease: Alternatives to a Mosquito Net"), Ana Boskovic (Rando lab, "Molecular mechanism of MERV-L regulation via tRNA fragment Glycine-GCC"), and Jill Graham (Hebert lab, "Characterization of Novel ER Transmembrane TPR Containing Proteins Involved in O-linked Glycosylation".

And as always the pie-eating contest was a lot of fun!

Please send pics from this event to cbiassist@umass.edu

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