CBI members are doing incredible things! Congratulations to the professors, students, and labs recently in the news for their achievements...

  • The CBI NIH grant was renewed!! Our Program entered its 21st Year!! The new 5-year period of our program began July 1, 2016, and will last for five years. And the proposal was approved for 8 trainee slots for 2016! Thanks to NIH and UMass for their continued support, and to everyone who worked so hard on the proposal, and to all who contribute to our program to make it so great!

  • Congratulations to the new trainees: Ben Adams, Kristen Sikora, Ana Torres Ocampo, Jiale Du, Kingshuk Dutta, Bach Pham; and to the renewing trainees: Coralie Backlund, Elizabeth Brooks, Derrick Deming, Yingying Geng, Hui-Hsein Lin, Molly Shave and Rilee Zeinert!

CBI welcomes new training faculty!

Lila Gierasch was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (October 2016). Amacad.org

Scott Garman has been named a 2017 Public Engagement Fellow, with plans to work on the communication of scientific discoveries about inherited metabolic diseases to physicians and patients. UMass News

Welcome Meg Stratton and Sarah Perry to the CBI Training Faculty!

Lila Gierasch was named the next editor in chief of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the nonprofit’s peer-reviewed journal. (March 2016)

Lisa Hernandez-Alicea (Chien Group) was featured in a Lab TV video about her research with proteases and her pursuit of a career in the medical sciences. (February 2016)

Congratulations to the CBI students - winners of MCB Poster Session this year: Derrick Deming (Garman Lab) and Lydia Lamriben (Hebert Lab)! (February 2016)

S. "Thai" Thayumanavan was awarded the Chemical Research Society of India's Medal of Honor. (February 2016)

Photo by Inside UMass

Vince Rotello received a TREE (Transformational Research and Excellence in Education) award from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. (February 2016)

Celia Frieler (Thai Group) was featured in a Lab TV interview about her research developing protein carriers for nutrition and the treatment of disease, and about opportunities to explore science as a potential career. (February 2016)

Min Chen received an R01 grant award from NIH for her work on the OmpG nanopore for single molecule protein sensing. (February 2016)

Mike Maroney was recognized as an AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of the Sciences) Fellow for “pioneering work in understanding nickel bioinorganic chemistry, with applications to bioenergy science, bacterial pathogenesis and transition metal homeostasis.” (February 2016)

CBI student Molly Gordon (Thai group) was featured in a LabTV interview about her research working with nanoparticals towards the improvement of chemotherapeutics. (Feb 2016)

Sarah Perry collaborated with others in a Girl Scout outreach event in Holyoke to demonstrate the rudiments of chemistry, electronics, and engineering. (January 2016)

S. "Thai" Thayumanavan was awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center Innovation Commercialization Seed Fund program, and also received a $6.25M DoD grant to develop molecular signals. (December 2015)

Sarah Perry received a two-year, $110,000 ACS PRF Doctoral New Investigator grant for a research project entitled "Designing the Liquid-to-Solid Transition in Polyelectrolyte Complexes.” (December 2015)

Vince Rotello is listed on the 2015 Thomson-Reuters Most Cited Researchers list. (November 2015)

Richard Vachet and Vince Rotello have received a $400,000 NSF grant to develop new methods to image the stability of nanoparticles in biological tissues.

Lauren Jansen and the Department of Chemical Engineering hosted Professor Darrell Irvine (MIT) for the final seminar in the CBI birthday series. Professor Irvine presented on "Engineering immunity with hitchhiking therapeutics." More information about the student-invited seminars can be found on the CBI Special Seminar page. (December 2015)

Libbie Haglin was awarded the Biophysical Journal Outstanding Student Poster Award at the recent meeting “Biophysics of Proteins at Surfaces: Assembly, Activation, Signaling” in Madrid, Spain for her presentation “Signalling-related Structural Changes of Chemoreceptor Nano-Arrays” (October 2015)

Photo courtesy of Dr. Jesus Perez Gil

Brittany deRonde hosted Professor David Mooney (Harvard) as the Polymer Science seminar speaker in the CBI Birthday Seminar Series. Professor Mooney presented on "Biomaterial-based therapeutic cancer vaccines." More information about the student-invited seminars can be found on the CBI Special Seminar page. (September 2015)

Sarah Perry was quoted in Chemistry World in an article about efforts to find new ways to deliver nutraceuticals in processed foods. (September 2015)

The CBI Program welcomes a new faculty member: Sloan Siegrist! More about Professor Siegrist's research can be found here. (August 2015)

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