CBI members are doing incredible things! Congratulations to the professors, students, and labs recently in the news for their achievements...

  • Yady Rivera-Colón (PhD 2013, Garman) was featured in the Biophysical Society Newsletter!
  • Keith Ballard and Bay Serrano were the poster prize winners at the 2014 CBI/BMB/BMP Joint Retreat!
  • Congratulations to the renewing trainees: Keith Ballard, Carolyn Carr, Libbie Haglin, Karan Hingorani, Jing Liu, Bay Serrano and Cornelius Taabazuing, and also to the new trainees: Lauren Barney (Peyton Group), Molly Gordon (Thai Group), Lydia Lamriben (Hebert Group), and Monifa Fahie (Chen Group)!
  • Please welcome Michelle Farkas as the newest member of the CBI training faculty!
  • Jing Liu was in the news for her work in Cell (8/13).
  • Danny Schnell was selected to be recognized at the ninth annual UMass Amherst Faculty Convocation, October 4, 2013.
  • CBI Newsletter 2013
  • Check out the CBI Molecules!
  • Upcoming conferences of interest:
  • The ice cream social was fantastic; everyone enjoyed the opportunity to take a break and enjoy the sundaes & socializing (7/13).
  • Lila Gierasch has been selected to receive the Mildred Cohn Award in Biological Chemistry (7/13).
  • Jeanne Hardy received a Fulbright Scholar award from the Council for International Exchange of Scholars to pursue her research on Alzheimer’s disease (7/13).
  • Congratulations to Yady Rivera-Colón and Jing Liu for winning the Joint Retreat poster prizes (6/13).
  • Shelly Peyton is one of 22 researchers who have been named Pew Scholars in the Biomedical Sciences by The Pew Charitable Trusts (6/13).
  • Vince Rotello will bring low-cost, inkjet-printed nano test strips to Pakistan for drinking water tests (6/13).
  • Congratulations to the 2012-2013 winners of the Awards in Scientific Communication: Monifa Fahie (Best Presentation) and Seena Koshy (Best Press Release)!
  • Career Day featured a panel of esteemed guests discussing non-academic careers for life scientists and engineers; highlights (5/13).
  • Jiaming Zhuang (Thayumanavan group) was awarded an extremely competitive and prestigious Graduate School Fellowship (5/13).
  • Alejandro Heuck, along with Dr. Nagendra Yadava of the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute, contributed to the development of the XF Plasma Membrane Permeabilizer (PMP), a product licensed to Seahorse Biosciences (4/13).
  • Susan Roberts is featured in an enlightening article on the UMass Amherst Research NEXT website, which covers “Research, Scholarship, and Creativity for a Brighter Future” (4/13).
  • The Chien lab recently used a combination of biochemistry and mass spectrometry to 'fish out' proteins targeted for degradation during bacterial development (4/13).
  • Matt Holden received a NSF CAREER Award for his research on "Revealing the Mechanism of Non-endocytotic CPP-modulated Protein Delivery" (4/13).
  • Thai's polymeric nanogels aid in more efficient drug delivery (4/13).
  • Jeanne Hardy won the Armstrong Fund for Science Award (4/13).
  • Diego Amado Torres (Thayumanavan group) was awarded one of the top 5 best poster presentations (from over 170) in the ACS Colloids and Surface Chemistry division(4/13).
  • Shelly Peyton's research on breast cancer and metastasis was featured in an article by Mike Fillon in the news section of the website posting of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (3/13).
  • Danny Schnell and Postdoctoral Associate Hitoshi Inoue have identified a molecular chaperone, Hsp90C, which plays a key role in determining the fate of photosynthesis proteins (2/13).
  • Susan Roberts will assume the half-time position of associate dean of the Graduate School (2/13).
  • Maria Santore was elected to Fellowship in the American Society for the Advancement of Science (1/13).
  • Congratulations to the new trainees! Keith Ballard, Carolyn Carr, Libbie Haglin, Karan Hingorani, Jing Liu, and Bay Serrano. We'll be accepting nominations again in November 2013.

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