Course Requirements Time Table
Chalk Talk 4 semesters required; ongoing participation expected
Year 1 - Fall
Year 1 - Spring
Year 2 - Fall
Year 2 - Spring
Ethics 1 semester required Year 1 or 2 - Spring (May)
Drug Design 1 semester required Year 1 or 2 - Spring
Student Seminar 2 semesters required
Year 2 - Spring
Year 4 or 5 - Spring
Journal Club Optional Fall
Cross-training courses 1 biological science; 1 chemical science Year 1 or 2

The Biological and Chemical Electives are listed along with the course number they are typically listed under and the semester they are generally offered. Please check Spire to confirm course availability.

Professional Development - attending minimum 1 session per semester is required. The relevant session should be from the Graduate School Office of Professional Development offerings. The requirement can be satisfied by other Professional Development activities conducted by the Trainee’s respective academic department or program if approved in advance by the CBI academic committee. In this case the Trainee should e-mail the title of the session to the CBI program Coordinator one week in advance for approval.

Individual Development Plan (IDP) - attending OPD workshops on IDP is highly recommended. Annual discussion of IDP progress with an advisor (and another mentor if possible) is required.

Biological Science Electives
Subject Course
Class Semester
AnimlSci 572 Infection and Immunity Spring
AnimlSci 581/697C Cancer Biology/Carcinogenesis Fall
AnimlSci 697K Advanced Immunology *Fall 2014
AnimlSci 672 Molecular Medicine *Spring 2011
Biochem 523 General Biochem I Fall
Biochem 524 General Biochem II Spring
Biochem 623 Advanced General Biochm Spring
642 Advanced Molecular Biology Fall
Biology 572 Neurobiology Fall
Biology 580 Developmental Biology Spring
Biology 583 Advanced Genetics Spring
Biology 597GE Evolutionary Genetics Fall
Chem 423 Biochemistry for Chemists Spring
Chem 797T Frontiers in Biotechnology Fall of the odd year, starting from Fall'17
MolclBio 641 Advanced Cell Biology Spring
MicroBio 565 Lab in Molecular Genetics Fall
NeuroS&B 617 Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Neurobiology Fall
Chemical Science Electives
Chem 471 ^Elementary Physical Chemistry Spring
Chem 551 Advanced Organic Chemistry Fall
Chem/Molclbio 590CB Chemical Biology Spring
Chem 650 Metals in Biology Spring
Chem 728 Physical Biochemistry *Spring 2009, Spring 2012
Chem 777 Chemical Spectroscopy *Spring 2011
Chem 791L Bioanalytical Chemistry Fall
Chem 627
Biomolecular Structure Fall
Chem 791J Biological Mass Spectrometry Spring
Chem 891G Grad Core Fall & Spring
ChemEng 592B Intro Biochemical Eng Fall
ChemEng 621 Thermodynamics I Fall
Polymer 607 Intro Synthetic Polymer Chem Fall
Polymer 608 Physical Chem Polymer I Fall
Polymer 760 Organic Polymerization Rctn Spring

*This course is offered intermittently--this semester is when it was last or will be next held
^This course is required for MCB and Microbiology students who have not previously completed a Physical Chemistry course