CBI Program is happy to announce that a new cohort of trainees has joined CBI Community!

Congratulations to the newly selected trainees: Nathan Canniff (Hebert group), Sandor Babik (Strieter group), Javier Mas (Farkas group), Catherine Tremblay (Vachet group), Weiyue Xin (Santore group)! Let's wish this promising cohort of NIH and UMass Trainees a great and successful research training experience!!


Weiyue Xin
(Santore Research Group)
The impact of curvature and solid mechanics on domain patterns in molecularly thin materials

Sandor Babik
(Strieter Research Group)

Interrogating Branched Ubiquitin Chains by NMR Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Nathan Canniff
(Hebert Research Group)

Investigation and Biophysical Characterization of a Putative ER Chaperone or Chaperone Adapter
Javier Mas
(Farkas Research Group)

Understanding Macrophage Polarization and Re-Education in the Context of Cancer
Samar Mahmoud
(Chien Research Group)
Discovery of small molecule and genetic interactions with the Lon protease
David Luther
(Rotello Research Group)
CRISPR/Cas9 Technology as a Therapeutic Approach to Cystic Fibrosis
Ishankumar Soni
(Hardy Research Group)
Nucleotide Regulation of Procaspase-6
Emily Melzer
(Siegrist Research Group)
Synthesis and remodeling of the cell envelope in Mycobacteria
Qikun Yu
(You Research Group)
Developing RNA sensors for antimicrobial agents
Ben Adams
(Hebert Research Group)
The Role of ERQC in the Biology of the Cells
Coralie Backlund
(Tew Research Group)
Elizabeth Brooks
(Peyton Research Group)
Stem Cell Induced Drug Resistance in Cancer Cells

Derrick Deming
(Garman Research Group)

Structure of Acid Alpha-Glucosidase
Jiale Du
(Strieter Research Group)

Discovery of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Deubiquitinases Through High Throughput Polirization Screening
Kingshuk Dutta
(Thayumanavan Research Group)

Self-Immolative Redox-Sensitive Strategy for Protein Delivery
Yingying Geng
(Rotello Research Group)

Nanosensor-Based Phenotypic Screening for Precision Therapy of Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Hui-Hsien Lin
(Farkas Research Group)
Correlation of Circadian Rhythm Disruption and Cancer Progression in Mammalian Cells
Molly Shave
(Santore Research Group)
Microparticles as Models for Biological Cells

Kristen Sikora
(Vachet Research Group)
Interactions between Gold Nanoparticles (AuNPs) and Biomolecules

Ana Torres Ocampo
(Stratton Research Group)
CaMKII Subunit Exchange in Long-Term Potentiation