Congratulations to the new trainees: Coralie Backlund (Tew Group), Joseph Hardie (Farkas/Rotello Groups), Kris Kolewe (Schiffman Group), Derek MacPherson (Hardy Group), Mac Serrano (Vachet Group) and Joseph Tilitsky (Gierasch Group); and also to the renewing trainees: Lauren Barney (Peyton Group), Monifa Fahie (Chen Group), Molly Gordon (Thai Group), Lydia Lamriben (Hebert Group), and Rob Vass (Chien Group)!

Coralie Backlund
(Tew Research Group)
Elizabeth Brooks
(Peyton Research Group)
Stem Cell Induced Drug Resistance in Cancer Cells

Derrick Deming
(Garman Research Group)

Structure of Acid Alpha-Glucosidase
Yingying Geng
(Rotello Research Group)

Nanosensor-Based Phenotypic Screening for Precision Therapy of Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Hui-Hsien Lin
(Farkas Research Group)
Correlation of Circadian Rhythm Disruption and Cancer Progression in Mammalian Cells
Molly Shave
(Santore Research Group)
Microparticles as models for biological cells