chalk talk CHALK TALK

“CBI Chalk Talk” is
• An informal monthly research and pizza series featuring CBI laboratories
• A great way to meet and stay in touch with the CBI community
• Wednesdays 12:15 - 1:15 in 1634 LGRT (Math Lounge)
• Chem797C -- A required course for CBI students; please register every semester.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Awards in Scientific Communication: Karan Hingorani, Best Molecule; Erika Saffer, Best Presentation; Nick Borotto, Best Press Release!

2012 - 2013 Chalk Talk Schedule (pdf)

Fall 2012
Date Groups Press Releases
September 12 Dan Hebert &
Shelly Peyton
Abla Tannous (Hebert Group)
Johan Sunryd (Hebert Group)
Dannielle Ryman (Peyton Group)
October 10 CBI Molecule Workshop
ISB 321
All students enrolled in Chalk Talk should attend
November 7 Vince Rotello &
Jessica Schiffman

Daniel Moyano (Rotello Group)
Rui Tang (Rotello Group)
Katrina Rieger (Schiffman Group)

December 5

Min Chen &
Lynmarie Thompson

Monifa Fahie (Chen Group)
Seena Koshy (Thompson Group)
Spring 2013
January 23 Karan Hingorani (Trainee) &
M. Muthukumar


February 20 Mike Knapp &
Elizabeth Vierling
Cornelius Taabazuing (Knapp Group)
Keith Ballard (Vierling Group)
March 13 Neil Forbes &
Scott Garman


April 10 Jeanne Hardy & Trainees: Carolyn Carr (Maroney Group) & Jing Liu (Chien Group) Bay Serrano (Hardy Group)
Carolyn Carr (Maroney Group)
Jing Liu (Chien Group)

Chalk Talk format:
12:15 - 12:45 = group 1
Faculty 10 min with chalk & Q/A
Student 10 min with 3 slide limit & Q/A
12:45 - 1:15 = group 2
Faculty 10 min with chalk & Q/A
Student 10 min with 3 slide limit & Q/A
1:15 = pizza
The goal is for everyone to learn something from the talks and discussions, to catch the excitement of the questions, promise of the approaches, etc.

Chalk Talks bring the CBI community together on a monthly basis to discuss ongoing research in CBI laboratories. Each meeting provides the opportunity for two research groups to present their work. Chalk Talks are normally structured so that research groups from different home departments present in the same session. The goal is to engage members from all of the CBI affilliated departments in order to convey the key problems and approaches encountered by each research group to the wider research community at the chemistry-biology interface.

Chalk Talk Press Release:
Presenting students submit a "Press Release" one week before the Talk (≤ 150 words + figure) that explains what's exciting about your project, written for non-specialists (eg level of Scientific American or NY Times science section). Get people interested and primed for your talk! Get some feedback from your peers and advisor to help you make your Press Release cool!

Chalk Talk awards:
Every July we will award presenting students with the CBI Award in Scientific Communication from that year's Chalk Talk series (1 for Press Release, 1 for Chalk Talk).


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