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New Chalk Talk awards:
Every July we will award presenting students with the CBI Award in Scientific Communication from that year's Chalk Talk series (1 for Press Release, 1 for Chalk Talk). Students who have already presented Chalk Talk this year are encouraged to submit a "Press Release" by March 15 to be eligible for this award as well.

2009-2010 Recipients of the CBI Award in Scientific Communication
Congratulations to Fabian Romano Chernac (Heuck Lab) and Whitney Stoppel (Roberts Lab) for winning the Student Press Release Award, and to Mariel Feliciano (Chambers Lab) and Daniel Sayut (Sun Lab) for winning the Student Chalk Talk Award!

Chalk Talk Molecule:
Chalk Talk students should create a Molecular Playground module displaying a CBI molecule (the subject of your research) consisting of a single spinning molecular scene, with a banner (and possibly a color key) and a zooming entrance.
Please do the following before the workshop:
1. Choose your molecule (something that is part of your research project) and the pdb id of the structure you plan to use.
2. Get an account at Proteopedia ( The account name must be your real full name, properly capitalized, with spaces. Please include in your description that you are a grad student at UMass in the CBI Program. Anyone who wants to try something more complicated after the workshop can do so on their own, following instructions provided by Eric Martz in Proteopedia.
See for a list of some molecules currently on the Molecular Playground. Your molecule will be added to this list, so you'll also need to write a short paragraph about it, and you can write a bit more for a Proteopedia page (follow the links for examples).

2009 - 2010 Chalk Talk Schedule

Fall 2009
Date Groups Press Releases
September 16 Lila Gierasch and Nate Schnarr  
October 14 Lianhong Sun and CBI Q&A  
November 18 Mike Maroney and Richard Vachet Khadine Higgins
Vanessa Mendoza
December 9 Craig Martin and Karsten Theis Ankit Vahia
Chih-Heng Hsieh

Spring 2010
January 20 Surita Bhatia and S. Thai Thayumanavan

Malar Azagarsamy
Joe White

February 10 Canceled  
March 10 Peter Chien and Sue Roberts

Chien Group
Whitney Stoppel

April 14 Jim Chambers and Greg Tew

Chambers Group
Tew Group

May 12 Trainee Talks
Fabian Romano Chernac
(Heuck Lab)
Mariel Feliciano
(Chambers Lab)
Seena Koshy
(Thompson Lab)
Johan Sunryd
(Hebert Lab)
Fabian Romano Chernac
Mariel Feliciano
Seena Koshy
Johan Sunryd


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