The University of Massachusetts Amherst

D. Julian McClements


Research areas include colloidal delivery systems; emulsions; nanoemulsions; microemulsions; biopolymer nanoparticles; structured emulsions; physicochemical basis of gastrointestinal fate of bioactives; nutraceuticals.

Current Research
Structural design of colloidal systems, biopolymer functionality, applied colloid science, nanotechnology in foods, gastrointestinal processes, nutraceutical bioactivity.

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Academic Background

  • BS University of Leeds, UK, 1981-1985
  • PhD University of Leeds, UK, 1985-1989

Recent Books
D.J. McClements (2015). Food Emulsions: Principles, Practice and Techniques, 3rd Edition, 609 pages. CRC Press. Boca Raton, Florida.

D.J. McClements (2015). Nanoparticle- and Microparticle-based Delivery Systems: Encapsulation, Protection and Release of Active Components. CRC Press. Boca Raton, Florida.

S. Jafari and D.J. McClements (2018). (Eds). Nanoemulsions: Formulation, Applications
and Characterization, Elsevier, New York, NY.

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