Your Job Search

Structure Your Job Search

Job searching can consume a lot of your time and energy. Knowing how to best use your time will help you to be successful and avoid burn-out. Here's our suggested formula for time management in your job search:

  • Develop Experience: This is where roughly 50% of your time and energy should go. Gain experience in your field through internships and co-ops, volunteering, campus groups, and professional organizations.
  • Network: This goes hand-in-hand with developing experience. Spend 25% of your time contacting people you know, (and people they know), for professional contacts, support, and advice.
  • Research: This should take up about 15% of your time. Research 5 to 10 organizations or companies for whom you would like to work. Bookmark their websites and check their job postings frequently.
  • Use General Career Websites: In addition to UMass Amherst Handshake;  bookmark 5 to 10 job listing sites and spend the remaining 10% of your time checking them for new postings that resemble your resume.

IMPORTANT! If you participate in on-campus interviewing with employers, please review our on-campus recruiting policies:

Late Interview Cancellations

A student attempting to cancel an on-campus interview within two business days of the interview date, must do the following:

  1. Notify Sharon Jefferson, Recruiting Administator, at 413-545-2224 as soon as possible.
  2. Email the employer with a copy to Sharon Jefferson at

Repeated late interview cancellations may result in suspension of the student’s access to UMass Amherst Handshake.

Interview No-Shows

Failure to honor an interview appointment is considered a serious breach of professional courtesy and ethics, and can negatively impact UMass Amherst Career Services’ reputation among our employer partners.

Students who fail to attend a scheduled interview must within 24 hours of the interview:

  1. Send an email of apology (including an explanation of why they missed the interview) to the recruiter and
  2. Send a copy to Sharon Jefferson, Recruiting Administrator at
  3. A determination will be made by central Career Services as to whether the student will continue to participate in the on-campus recruiting program. Invalid explanations and/or repeat behavior will result in immediate suspension from UMass Handshake and the on-campus recruiting program (OCR).


Find Newly Added Opportunities

New job and internship opportunities are uploaded to our Handshake database each day. Handshake should be your first stop when looking for new opportunities. Students and Alumni of the University of Massachusetts are eligible for an account.