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Making the Transition

The transition into a new job can be very challenging and it is often something for which new graduates are unprepared. There are many resources that provide advice to recent graduates and address relocating, setting up your new life, handling logistics, managing finances, and starting your new job. Life After College


Quintessential Careers:
Conquering the Real World—A Guide for Achieving Success After College
Real Grads. Real Advice. Real Stories. Real World

Relocating Resources

Relocating to a new area can be daunting. You need to find a place to live, arrange the move, furnish a new home, adjust to new roommates, and find your way in a new city. The following sites will help you begin the process and get organized.

General Help

United States Postal Service Moving Guide

Apartment/Roommate Searches and Guides
Apartment Guide
Apartments Search
Craigslist Rentals


Boston Apartments
Boston Globe

New York City:

CS (Westchester County)
New York Post
New York Times (gay/lesbian)

Washington D.C:

ApartmentList DC
DC Registry
Washington City Paper Classifieds
Washington Post