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Your Job Search

Structuring Your Job Search

Job searching will consume a lot of your time and energy. Knowing how to best use your time will help you to be successful and avoid burn-out.

  • Develop Experience: This is where roughly half of your time and energy should go. Gain experience in your field through internships and co-ops, volunteering, campus groups, and professional organizations.
  • Network: This goes hand-in-hand with developing experience. Spend a quarter of your time contacting the people you know for professional contacts, support, and advice.
  • Research: This should take up less than a quarter of your time. Research five to ten organizations or companies for whom you would like to work. Bookmark their Web sites and check their job postings frequently.
  • Use General Career Web sites: Bookmark five to ten job listing sites, and spend some of your remaining time checking them for new postings.

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