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UMass Time Capsule Committee

THE UMASS MILLENNIUM COMMITTEE invites members of the university community to submit suggestions for a Year 2000 UMass Time Capsule, to be dedicated in a campus celebration on May 1 and installed in the crypt of Old Chapel later this year.

     We are looking for small objects and brief reminiscences commemorative of the campus in the year 2000 and how it got that way. The materials should be of potential historical interest, and ideally will provide a lively cross-section of the physical, social, and cultural aspects of our campus.

     We are especially interested in showcasing the achievements of our students, faculty, alumni, and staff. Please think of ways that your submission would highlight the accomplishments of these groups. For example, student organizations may want to select an item representative of one of their "best" efforts in recent years; individual students may want to record thoughts on being at UMass at the turn of the millennium. Faculty may wish to submit title pages of journal articles or books that would have relevance to the university a century from now. Alumni may wish to submit descriptions of key memories, or of accomplishments in areas of professional or personal expertise. Staff could provide descriptions of a contribution they have made to the quality of campus life.

     Individuals who have suggestions for objects should be prepared to provide the actual item - which obviously will not be returned in the near future! Photos, articles, letters, and other small memorabilia are preferred.

     Please send your suggestion via email today or by regular mail to Becky Dean, Chancellor's Office, Whitmore, UMass, Amherst 01003. We look forward to your response.

— Susan Whitbourne and Ron Story, Co-chairs

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