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Sport Clubs

Campus Recreation sport clubs are recognized student organizations (RSO) chartered by the Student Government Association and co-supervised by the Center for Student Development. Sport clubs engage in intercollegiate competition, including competition with other sport clubs and junior varsity & varsity teams. Sport clubs provide unique opportunities for student leadership and development.

For information about Campus Recreation sport clubs, see the contact information below or click on a particular club to find out more.

For other sport & recreation clubs and organizations, contact the Center for Student Development or search their list of all RSO clubs. For info on starting a club RSO, click here.

Sport Clubs
Club Contact
Email Address
Connor Krell
Jake Nussbaum
Nathaniel Williams
K. Edward Mog
Fencing (men/women) Alexandra Gerard
Samantha Gouin
Phil Nash
Benjamin Miller
Shannon Cunningham
David Westland
Alex Cincotta
Nathan Ziegler