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Bike Racing
Bicycle Racing

About The Club
The long and storied history of the University of Massachusetts cycling club dates to 1969 when the club was founded by a small group of area cyclists. In its early years, the club was largely composed of touring riders. As the club became the center for cycling on campus, racers began to infiltrate the ranks, starting the tradition of traveling to warmer climates for spring break “training camps” that continues today.

In 1977, a small group of club members, led by Stephen Solombrino, began the Bicycle Co-op. From its corner in the Student Union, the Co-op has been a meeting place for all manner of cyclists on campus, providing good deals to students in need of bike repairs, an advertising center for the cycling club, and a comfortable couch on which any cyclist on campus can put to practice the old cycling adage “never stand when you can sit down.”

The first incarnation of the racing team came in 1978 when a small group of racers in the club decided to form an intercollegiate racing team so they could participate in the collegiate racing scene in the spring. The club managed to raise enough money to have jerseys made for the team, and a UMass van was procured to travel to the races. This early effort would be the first assault by UMass into a collegiate circuit that had historically been dominated by the Ivy League schools.

Bike racing offers opportunities to train and race both mountain and road bike events. Active members compete in downhill, cross country and road races.

This past year, bike racing had an impressive showing during the ECCC mountain bike season, finishing 8th overall in the conference.

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