Meet the Trainers

Biochemistry 18

Alex obtained his personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) after his senior year in high school and has worked for UMass Campus Recreation since his first semester. Alex’s favorite part about training is helping clients discover for themselves the joy that comes with living an active and healthy lifestyle. In high school, Alex created his own club and organized team fitness challenges and volunteers to help local athletes with their offseason training. 

Areas of focus: client self-sustainability, muscle building, time efficient workouts, weight management

Isenberg School of Management 20

Ben is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. He has worked with adolescent, adult, and elderly clientele. Muscle development, fat loss, flexibility training, meditation/mindfulness, and postural correction are some of the many areas of health and wellness he has knowledge in. he works with clients anywhere on the spectrum of health and fitness, from those with no experience to wellt rained individuals. He considers himself a teacher. He aspire to prepare individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to transition towards a consistent, healthy lifestyle. He aims to deconstruct the “I can’t” mindset into one of daily betterment and developing improvement. Let’s work together and create lasting change in your life!”

Areas of Focus: Postural Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Flexibility, meditation/mindfulness

Kinesiology 19

Bryan is from Beverly, MA and is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. Bryan utilizes his extensive education on the functions of the human body through his Kinesiology major to help his clients achieve their personalized goals. He is well versed in resistance and cardiorespiratory training. He is also a member of the Umass club lacrosse team and has experience creating specific programs for different kinds of athletes. His main goal is to spread his extensive knowledge to better the lives of his clients and ultimately give them the tools they need to be self reliant and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He works with people of all past training experiences.  

Areas of Focus: Strength, Hypertrophy (size), endurance and speed, sport specific training, flexibility and mobility, core strength, postural control, weight maintenance.

Finance 20

Christian is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). His inclination towards fitness grew during his varsity years in high school and playing two years of rugby at UMass. He has been in the Health & Wellness industry since the age of 16 and looks forward to helping individuals achieve their goals through exercise.

Areas of Focus: Balance, Endurance, Power, Strength Training. Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformations.

Kinesiology 19

Courtney is certified through the American Council of Exercise. She has a passion for fitness and improving people’s well being. As well as being a personal trainer she plays for the Umass Women’s Ice Hockey team. She hopes to continue her personal training after graduation.

Areas of focus: weight training, lifestyle, mind body connection

Sport Management 20

Ethan got his certification through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and has been interested in fitness his whole life. He began a personal fitness program as a freshman in high school during the football season. During the offseason, he did power lifting. Since high school, Ethan has continued to enjoy everything related to fitness and hopes to pass that on to his clients. He has continued to be interested in strength and sport-related training, but also has become very passionate about inspiring lifestyle changes in his clients.

Areas of focus: strength training, power lifting, lifestyle transformations, sports-related training

Julia T
Public Health 18

Julia is certified through the Academic Council on Exercise. She has a passion for promoting health and wellness. In addition to personal training, she is also a Spin & Core instructor for Campus Rec, and currently taking an Embodyoga® 200 hour yoga teacher training. Julia strives to promote an inclusive fitness environment for the campus community. 

Area of focus: lifestyle, body weight training, resistance training, mind body connection

Kaitlyn B.
Kinesiology 20

Katie began training athletes as a strength and conditioning intern in high school. She has always been interested in fitness but became passionate about helping others after realizing how impactful health and wellness can be in people’s lives, especially women’s. Now as a NASM certified trainer, she strives to educate and empower others to live healthy and sustainable lives. She also hopes to encourage women to embrace their strength and feel confident being fit.

Areas of focus: athlete training, strength training, exercise technique, flexibility and joint mobility, general health

Katelyn P.
Kinesiology 20

Katelyn is a third year Kinesiology student with a passion for health and fitness. Upon coming to UMass, she found a love for not only designing workouts, but understanding the science behind programing. This led her to earn her personal training certification in February of 2018 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to allow her to share her love for fitness with others. Katelyn's first priority is making sure everyone feels comfortable while improving their life. Katelyn believes regardless of current fitness levels, everyone should feel healthy and confident every day.

Areas of Focus: Stabilization, Endurance Training, Strength Endurance Training, Repair of Muscular Imbalances/Postural Distortions, Weight Loss/Maintenance.

Kinesiology 21

Kendra am a double major in Kinesiology and Nutrition and have a huge passion for fitness and wellness. Kendra has been a competitive athlete for 15 years, and is currently continuing her love for fitness as a member of the UMass Dance Team.

Areas of Focus: Strength and Conditioning, Flexibility, Stability and Mobility, and Training Athletes for Specific Sports.

Operations & Information Management 20

A business major, Lauren's favorite hobby is all things health and fitness. Lauren has been in sports her whole life and got into training when she was a freshman in high school by reading the latest research and implementing different strategies from leaders in the industry. Lauren emphasizes individualized goal setting and workouts and finding what you enjoy over any form of what is the ‘best’ form of exercise or the latest ‘fad.’

Areas of focus: power lifting, hypertrophy training, general health and fitness, Spartan Racing, sports, mind body connection, empowerment through exercise 

Kinesiology 19

Monica is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. She has worked with beginners to exercise as well as high intensity athletes, and hopes to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Monica emphasizes improving exercise knowledge and proper exercise programming for long term exercise adherence.

Areas of focus:  Sports training, Weight loss, Resistance training, Body weight training, Functional strengthening, Balance and Neuromuscular training

Public Health Sciences 19

Rory is from Natick MA and works as a NASM certified personal trainer at the UMass Recreational Center and MetroWest YMCA. Rory specializes in utilizing functional fitness in order to help his clients reach their fitness goals, whether that be fat loss, lean muscle gain or athletic performance. Rory is comfortable working with all clients as he has coached rapid weight loss programs, strength training programs, cardio kids classes and elderly cardio pulmonary programs. No matter what your starting point is, Rory is always driven to give his clients the tools and knowledge needed to reach their fitness goals. 

Areas of Focus: Fat Loss, Strength Training, Muscle Building, Lifestyle, Sport Specific Training, Stability

Kinesiology 19

Ryan is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). His focus is strength and hypertrophic training. He is excited to pass on his knowledge to clients of all levels. Ryan is passionate about helping his clients reach a higher level of confidence by pushing them to reach their fitness goals. 

Areas of focus: weight management, strength, core, hypertrophic training, endurance training